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  1. Vulkar strong enough as is. It doesn't need a mod other than lasting purity. Hopefully the new kuva vulkar got CC buff.
  2. Topic title. Tekko prime actually a pretty good pair of weapons. If the spectral blades actually show up and aren't just a visual effect, they would be pretty overpowered. As it stands, I get no visual effect on console, switch.
  3. They hit like a truck without a riven, and with one they can easily shoot through hordes of enemies and make them explode via gas. Negative impact rivens do crazy stuff, so I can see how in even regular play they are still to strong.
  4. They nerf the rivens, not the gun. The vast majority of players don't have good rivens for the best gun anyway, so who does this really affect but a vocal minority?
  5. If you want to list the literal trash,sure. What about the opticor not getting changed? Zhuge buffs despite being strong? Snipetron rivens are very strong but received no changes, and etc. Plenty of weapons in warframe are already mad strong, but no one used due to meta hunting.
  6. Penta with napalm actually stupid strong. Maybe test thing instead of just following the meta? Also LMAO at being nerfed to useless again. I rolled a toxin, status chance, and dmg vulkar with neg impact 3 days ago. It got nerfed, still a beast.... atm
  7. The hyperboly is a little annoying. The lack of interest is because of how people play games, boring. They want the best of the best 10/10 stuff and then boost that to meta tier. It not because people like the weapon, but because it is the best weapon. These nerfs are not going to make these weapon usage rates go down significantly because they are still king at what they do, but will give other weapons room to shine through.
  8. Like a 7.5% increase in stats. Consider it like this. 1.0 means rivens are normal strength. 0.5 is 50% less strong. 1.5 is 50% stronger.
  9. Yes. A reduction to the riven will destroy the gun. It needs its high status chance. That the only change I will be annoyed if they do.
  10. Why? It is common knowledge these nerfs are routine at this point. The onset is on you to keep track of these changes... and that ignis sucked before the change.
  11. I agree, and DE aren't changing status rivens so I am not really understanding his point. Shotguns and mara detron was mentioned to be safe as the difference was cataclysmic in the way they performed with status chance.
  12. Yeah I know about the dudshot issue, which was the limits. You don't understand the difference between balance and overpowered. Snipers are good without a crit chance riven, but because idiotically strong with one. Like plz dude please take the arrogance somewhere else.
  13. Just use chorma dude. He still will 1bop the eidolons if you want that so bad.
  14. And they will now buy back for extra cheap, until the crying stops and people realize they are still good, and then they sell back at a higher price. Literally galaxy brain moves.
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