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  1. Investing in any flat damage source is incredibly terrible in warframe, as most guns you will bring with the right amount of forma will destroy enemies and scale much better with status effects. This is why I had a problem with ember. Her fire damage is negigble as fire itself is not a great element. Corrosive is a much better proc and actually do something significant. Same with viral or gas. Her one is just splash fire dmg. Very slow on armored targets and shields, which is every enemy type that matter in war frame. Her four range drops to paltry level pretty quickly, to the point where you would just rather gun them down. Her Accelerant is a hard stun and a dps increase, which is something, and her firewall like a blank ability. She needs a better scaling ability, as flat damage do not do it in war frame anymore.
  2. It really just people who are elitists telling others that the game is easy, after they played for 1k hours. The games are harder, more knowledge extensive and execution heavy then the souls games, which are a popular benchmark for something that is to hard.
  3. DE nerf credit gains so this is pretty much the only spot.
  4. This makes them invincible and give energy regeneration. This is broken, but you readily advocate for it because of the convenience it brings. I.... not even gonna bother going indepth with how wrong this suggestion is.
  5. The wolf sledge is a pretty mediocre weapon due to its gimmick being only semi decent, as while the throw hits hard, it cannot bounce like a glaive, and the explosion itself is pathetically weak compared to a glaive. The weapon needs to have it actually bounce around like a glaive, or just have it straight up cleave through enemies, with the radial explosion damage being buffed to at least be 50% stronger than that of glaive prime and similar glaives. However the hammer biggest problem is really an issue with all hammers. Crushing ruin itself is a bit clunky and needs a bit of both an overhaul and a damage buff. Newer stances give insane multipliers that give melee the power it needs to compete, so hammers now both lack speed, and has comparatively meh power.
  6. Then this is the result. The umbra Farm. Making the game grindier just going to kill the player base.
  7. Why is it frowned upon. Because it is low effort? That is less of a valid complaint and more of a personal gripe. Warframe done efficiently is a mindless grinding game to get better at grinding in many cases, as there is no endgame. An AFK farm is just max efficiency. The game already stupid easy with the right knowledge, so the problem is not the challenge. If people object because they simply do not like it then idk. I don't really care for emotion based arguments.
  8. I played freedom unite, and their wank hitboxes. Dark souls was consistently easier and you can definitely imagine why.
  9. Technically, Frost globe can negatively affect allies as you cannot shoot through it. As does Nova four as it slows down enemy, bad on hydron. Crowd control frames can trap enemies in spawns slowing stuff down Trinity can interfere with Nekros in case he wanted to kill a certain enemy to make a specter. There is a lot of interplay between frames that has to be considered. This is not "playing yourself" but basic common sense. And regarding the dumb comment about randomly joining squad Recruit chat. It what the big brain use to avoid these problems, or you the kinda guy that queue into Sortie spy, and get surprised when people fail it.
  10. The only thing you made clear is that you are really ignorant. Go in the bubble and kill them. Not a big deal. If you cannot do that, leave the lobby. This is like complaining that frost snow globe is to large. Do you expect the world to bend over for you to? This is beyond just a reasonable argument and is really just whiny entitlement. Get over yourself and learn to play warframe. It not yours, but everyone game.
  11. Enemy of the tenno because you cannot shoot his bubble? This is by far the stupidest take i seen about limbo. Expecting people to know something about how the game work is not arrogance. It is the bare minimum for good team play. Why would you bother creating team comps if you do not even know what frames does? Waste of time. Public lobbies are another matter as they are not made for you. If some saryn is making you mad because they are killing everything before you can do anything, to bad. It how public works, as it is public domain. If limbo abillities are annoying to you then make a team composition that does not include limbo. If you are playing public, to be expected. A frame with unique abilities that are very effective should not be adjusted because whiners cannot adjust. Get over it. It how many good games have their balance destroyed.
  12. It is, but no casual will play a game where the progression loop is to grind the roadblock that killed you on end for hours. They want to move past roadblocks, not to grind them to a masterful extent. Souls game are far more leinent than that.
  13. >Casual Monster hunter games are consistently more difficult and punishing then the sole games, approaching the levels of BS you would in older NES titles. Games hard as heck for the unfamilar and honestly disheartening for new gamers. It would probably turn them off of games. Warframe is casual-ish. Require alot of knowledge. Cod is true casual.
  14. OP problem is that they chose to change the players and the things that annoy them, rather than change themselves. He did not even know he could roll out of the rift! Warframe is effectively a squad based game, although DE has not tapped into much of this potential. Much of what a person can do is predicated upon team comp to support their weakness and bolster their strengths. This means you should know a thing or two about stuff. This is why the MR system is their, to gauge your mastery over content of warframe. The highest It is, the more working experience you have and the less it is theoretical. Anyway to get to the point and TlDr: Limbo is a great frame that requires you to work with him. He not like mesa who kills everything and leave loot to drop. He more like oberon where you gotta know what he does to get his benefits. His benefits are huge and more than worth it, but you got to attempt to undersstand him, especially in a team game. Wanting him change because you are to ignorant to learn anything means you are probably better off changing settings solo. You aren't team minded, and probably just want to leech off the the effectiveness doing things in team gives while giving little towards cohesion
  15. Cheese methods of Index include.... Atlas blocking the doors Gara blocking the doors Nezha running around with his three. Rhino 2 Nova map slowdown Limbo Mesa nuking the map Saryn nuking Mirage nuking Revenaunt mesmer All these warframes either AFK the game, remove challenge, or make farming braindead simple. Excalibur just happened to be the best at it with kohm builds. In addition, the bigger problem is that warframe just promote efficency by design. It is very dull to grind out this game, so you SHOULD strive for efficency. That is a game design issue. Excaliber is just another warrior to this end, and tbh not even the worst example, just the laziest one
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