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  1. To prove a point to DE that this is unplayable and they need to fix their game? (joking xP) Nah, I'd never suggest selling him for credits, just saying it's impossible to make Rhino Prime's skin look good xP
  2. That's not making Rhino Prime look great though, that's making Rhino Palantine look good which is nowhere near as hard. Prime is literally the only Rhino skin where any fashion frame you put on it is instantly destroyed the second you use his abilities x'D Edit: to be clear, I am literally using Rhino Prime with the default Rhino skin because it looks better than Prime if you use abilities.
  3. It'll be a long time before I use him too. Not because of forma, but because his Metallics and Iron Skin tint are on the same colour... Literally unplayable xP
  4. Vegetation "pops" out of the terrain visually, with really vibrant colours and appears really disjointed. Trails for animal captures don't load. My operator hair doesn't render. Seems something's off with the lighting/effects system.
  5. My speculation for NW2: Arlo is a friendly strain of infestation that frees people from the main strain by infecting them with it's strain. It does this intending to help it's "brothers and sisters" (the Warframes). Various human factions think Arlo is evil and has stolen their loved ones from them, even though they were already lost to the infestation. They send out Zealots, flamethrower and Energy weapon equipped Operatives, to burn out the devotees. We as Tenno have to defend the devotees against increasingly vicious attacks in order to attain a powerful Ally for the New War.
  6. OAUTH based TMAC or HMAC would really be the best solution though. Hope they add support down the road.
  7. Still really hoping for OAUTH support and an *option* to require a code at every login though...
  8. They didn't rename it, it's the name of the thread they merged yours into. Your comment is just still the OP because your comments were made first. They merged a number of threads into this one, mostly to try and cut down the clutter of different threads I'd assume. They did the same thing with many of the Nightwave topics.
  9. The best part is that this makes Nekros and Khora's farming mods essentially pointless. Because they can't be combined, Hydroid is the only real option to pick because he's a 100% vs the relatively pitiful 65% for Khora or 54% for Nekros. Hydroid is easier to get than either of those other two, and has a better pilfer...
  10. This is the reason why we're seeing a lot more games coming out with a "Display Resolution" and either a "Render Resolution" or "Resolution Scale" (i.e. % slider of display resolution). While it may make your code more complicated, in the long run the best solution is probably to handle the upscaling yourself like you're trying. Keep up the hard work, it's greatly appreciated. Even though I don't play on the PC much anymore, the work you're doing is valuable and appreciated.
  11. Please don't spread this misinformation. Even if you're careful with your passwords they can be bypassed. A password is not particularly secure no matter how careful you are with it. If you use the same password in multiple places a data leak elsewhere can compromise you. But even if you use unique passwords, the fact that it's a largely unchanging token means that with enough time anyone can crack it. Even assuming you use long unwieldly passwords that you change regularly though there's still login tokens and other vulnerable points to attempt targeted attacks to get into your account. And even assuming you run a machine that's totally locked down and have no risk of local secrets leaking, there's always concerns about someone gaining access on the remote side since server security is never guaranteed no matter how much effort you put in. Having your account accessed solely by a "secret known" like a password is not a secure way to protect an account no matter how careful you are with said secret.
  12. This is not new. This is not unique to Warframe. Steam has this, WoW has this, Eve Online has this, many *many* other games have this exact same system to help secure trades. A password is not secure because it's a single unchanging token that can be but forced, found out, bypassed, etc. An email is not secure because it too is protected by a password. Layering the security drastically improves security since it means a potential attacker needs to bypass two accounts instead of one. Also how do you figure this is them fishing for ad revenue? First of all they're based in Canada and we actually have consumer privacy protections up here. Second of all this is the exact same email they already had from you to make the account in the first place. Calm yourself and think rationally. Please.
  13. The 2FA authentication that you have now is a good first step, but it's just that a really rough first step. If a users email is compromised it really does nothing to slow down a potential attacker. Can we please get a proper OAuth implimentation of login keys for use with external authenticators like Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass, etc? You could even fairly trivially implement an OAUTH authenticator into the Warframe app since there are prebuilt libraries that you can drop in for it. Making this an optional replacement for the email authentication would allow security minded individuals to take their account a step further, as well as allow older players with more to lose to effectively lock down their accounts if they choose. In an ideal world I'd also love to see an additional option requiring a code at every login, rather than just the first time per device just to reduce the chances of such an authentication being bypassed.
  14. It is absolutely necessary to lock trading behind this since this is mostly being implemented for trading safety. That's why 2FA is required for trading on everything from WoW to Steam. It's so people who break into your account can't just immediately trade away all your goods. It requires you to go into your email and confirm that it's you before logging in from a new device. This means that if an attacker who wants to steal your account finds your password, bypasses it with stolen/forged login keys, or brute forces their way through it they still can't get access to your account. It is being implimented specifically *for* trading, trading isn't just being locked behind it arbitrarily. It's part of their steps to reduce account theft and fraud in game and reduce service calls of "someone traded away my Ember Prime! It wasn't me! I swear!". I mean it's way better than nothing. Even if they have the email account name they need to compromise both your Warframe account *and* your email account. Assuming you're not an idiot who uses the same password for both, that should be harder than compromising the one. I still want OAUTH, but that's a far more complicated problem than a basic authentication system like this and is something we may get down the road.
  15. How careful you are with your information really doesn't matter. People can brute Force your password. People can use login keys to get around your password. Passwords are not secure. This minimal form of 2FA should be required on every single site since it *drastically* improves security as long as you keep your email secure, and realistically you should have a much stronger 2FA on your email itself to keep it secure. On that note DE, can we please get like fullblown 2FA with OAUTH? Preferably on both PC and console? I know it's not a huge priority but it would drastically improve account security for those who care enough to use it.
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