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  1. To prove a point to DE that this is unplayable and they need to fix their game? (joking xP) Nah, I'd never suggest selling him for credits, just saying it's impossible to make Rhino Prime's skin look good xP
  2. That's not making Rhino Prime look great though, that's making Rhino Palantine look good which is nowhere near as hard. Prime is literally the only Rhino skin where any fashion frame you put on it is instantly destroyed the second you use his abilities x'D Edit: to be clear, I am literally using Rhino Prime with the default Rhino skin because it looks better than Prime if you use abilities.
  3. It'll be a long time before I use him too. Not because of forma, but because his Metallics and Iron Skin tint are on the same colour... Literally unplayable xP
  4. Vegetation "pops" out of the terrain visually, with really vibrant colours and appears really disjointed. Trails for animal captures don't load. My operator hair doesn't render. Seems something's off with the lighting/effects system.
  5. My speculation for NW2: Arlo is a friendly strain of infestation that frees people from the main strain by infecting them with it's strain. It does this intending to help it's "brothers and sisters" (the Warframes). Various human factions think Arlo is evil and has stolen their loved ones from them, even though they were already lost to the infestation. They send out Zealots, flamethrower and Energy weapon equipped Operatives, to burn out the devotees. We as Tenno have to defend the devotees against increasingly vicious attacks in order to attain a powerful Ally for the New War.
  6. This is the reason why we're seeing a lot more games coming out with a "Display Resolution" and either a "Render Resolution" or "Resolution Scale" (i.e. % slider of display resolution). While it may make your code more complicated, in the long run the best solution is probably to handle the upscaling yourself like you're trying. Keep up the hard work, it's greatly appreciated. Even though I don't play on the PC much anymore, the work you're doing is valuable and appreciated.
  7. It shows missions from "a previous week" not "the previous week" which is to say that if you've missed challenges in any of the previous weeks it'll show them to you. It's not just a one week buffer. That being said, the way they explained it means that even if you skipped doing a mission you loath (do X bounties for example) or could not possibly do (Profit Taker for example) you could get that mission in your catch-up queue and then because it's one at a time you're screwed. So there's now less missions, and you can potentially do the ones that you missed, but you also get punished waaaaaaaaaay harder for skipping some or being unable to complete them.
  8. Please, I am begging you separate the weeklies from the elite weeklies. I understand that it might be a bit more effort but they really are targeted for very different audiences. Newer players who straight up don't have access to stuff from the Elite Weeklies such as Operator mode cannot possibly do them for the catch-up. The hardest hitting one is Profit Taker which can take upwards of a month of daily grinding to unlock at low MR. ----- Great. The front-loading of credits will help a lot for newer players who need more of the credit stuff like Auras. Being able to get the tools they need at a reasonable pace even if they can't get the Elites or harder weeklies will be a huge benefit for them. ----- Praise the Void. Thank you. This was a PITA constantly friending and unfriending people. I don't mind playing with people but my friends list should be for my friends. Thank you. Still going to be awkward for people but it's an Elite so that comes with the territory, all good. Thanks. Hope this applies to the Kuva Survival one too. Isn't this already the current requirement? That's not a change. If you're going to do this can you please either remove the "different" or make it an Elite? For your more casual players there's a pretty big investment to get up and going with 6 different echo lures, and if you only have 2-3 echo lures it can result in well over 10 runs to get the different variants. Overall this change makes the Act actively much worse as opposed to better. That's cool. Would have preferred "10 bounty stages" so it doesn't skew towards the faster missions, but w/e. Also as mentioned by others, I really hope that's just different bounties and not 5 different bounty tiers because if it is then *oof* that'll be a huge pain for newer players. I really hope that's ESO too. The 3 wave ESO one is a joke for an Elite. But honestly good, 3 waves was really quick compared to the other weeklies. Some changes I still want to see: Seriously please ditch rare resource sink ones like Forma, Gilding, and Ayatans. I get the idea behind them but they're bad for both new and old players. New players have other places to spend those resources and for older players it's wasteful busywork. It also encourages resource hoarding by punishing players for using those precious resources outside Nightwave. The 10 Syndicate and 9 Invasions both seem really high still compared to the other weeklies. Shouldn't those be toned back to match the others? Please either decouple weeklies/elites, get rid of the profit taker Act, open Profit Taker to lower standings, or at the very *very* least allow ferrying to Profit Taker because if that pops up it's going to screw so many people over and defeat the whole point of catch-up. Nothing mentioned about price changes in the store. The only one that I feel is really needed is *PLEASE* for the love of all that is holy drop the prices on the MR0 weapons. A full stack of creds is ridiculous for weapons that should be in the hands of brand spanking new just starting players. ----- A single mission one. Cool. Way better than doing 10 Syndicate missions. Not my taste, but I guess it's not bad after you've been playing for a week or two. Still yuck. Really hope that's "Transmute 4 mods 3 times (12 mods)" and not "Transmute 4 mods 12 times (48 mods)". As long as you can use vitality it should be fine for newer players too. Cool. Yuck...? So far the dailies have been easy stuff that even pretty new players can get into no problem. This is something that requires dojo research and considerable resources to get... Wouldn't this be a better fit for a weekly? "Deploy Air Support assistance 5 times." or something? At least it's not MR locked AFAIK. Cool cool. Good incentive for brand new players to get Howl done ASAP. these both seem fine. Could really use better indicators for active k-drive races though, preferably showing them on the map all the time instead of just when you're really close. Cool cool sounds like a blast! Locks out newer players but it's an Elite so that's understandable. Still want to see Elites decoupled from standards though since as mentioned they're really for different crowds. These all seemed fine. Cool. ----- That sounds really interesting and also really painful. Not sure if I should be excited or terrified of how it'll turn out. ----- *PLEASE* if you are going to do this make some serious revisions to him. I'm begging you. His ridiculous armour makes him unreasonable to kill with anything other than radiation weapon and i'm not going to be dragging one around with me for the tiny chance he might spawn. Him dropping into high level missions where people aren't loaded out with a build specifically tailoured to him can wreck matches.
  9. It didn't during week 2. We had someone add us mid mission during one of the Kuva Survivals and it ended with them cursing and swearing.
  10. Lol let's just forget Hildryn and Garuda who both have unique gimmicks that make them significantly different gameplay wise than any other Warframe. xD
  11. So I posted this in another thread but these are my thoughts on the current challenges we've seen. There seems to be a huge scattershot of missions and I hope that Season 2 will be a little more consistent. Elites: Defence and Survival Missions need to have the friend requirement dropped. I don't mind helping people with them but stop cluttering friends lists with people who will never talk to each other. The ESO one should be much more than beating 3 independent waves. Should be like "Beat Wave 6 of ESO" or something to better match the difficulty of the others. As it is right now the ESO one may as well be a normal weekly. The Kuva Survival one should be 40 minutes. The enemies there at 60 minutes massively outscale the enemies at any of the other missions and necessitate specific frames like Nekros to farm Life Support. Again should be kept consistent difficulty. The Profit Taker one should really be removed if they're not going to drop the standing wall. It's over a month of grind for most players and is totally unattainable for most players not due to skill or equipment but rather an arbitrary wall. Sortie Expert should also probably be reconsidered for the same reason. It's not possible for many players due to artificial time gating (1 per day) not because of skill or challenge. Weeklies: The 9 Invasion and 10 Syndicate missions need to be dropped to 3 like all the other weeklies. 5 Simaris scans and 4 Orokin vaults should also be dropped to 3. Keep it consistent. If the resource ones (Forma and Ayatan's) stay they need to be dropped to 1 if anything. They discourage people from spending those resources and punish players who have spent the resources. The 8 bounties needs to be replaced with 8 bounty stages, or preferably 5 bountie stages to match closer time wise to the other 3 missions Acts. The Gild a Modular Item Act should die in a fire. For Veterans it's a pointless annoyance and for newer players it's a huge standing sink getting in the way of them maxing standing with Fortuna and Ostron. For many players it can add several days onto an already months-long grind. Dailies: Most of these are fine but the hack 8 terminals is a bit excessive taking 2-3 spy missions or ~1-10 other missions depending on if enemies ever decide to set off alarms. Should be 3 to match up with the difficulty of the other dailies which can easily be done in one mission. These are just the issues with the Acts. There should be some consideration about the way the Credit situation is handled too (MR0 Weapons being a weeks worth of Nightwave for example), and if you decide to keep resource and standing based ones *PLEASE* publish a list of challenges ahead of time so people know what resources they need to spend and when. Getting a week to farm and build 3 forma or 3 ayatans or 10k standing may be totally doable but it's a slap in the face to players who have used those resources the week before.
  12. Please DE for the love of the Void please stop with the "with a friend or clanmate" missions. You know damn well I have no friends. Please stop rubbing it in my face xD Also pretty pretty please stop the "use x resources" challenges. I gilded an amp yesterday, it just discourages people from using those resources outside Nightwave missions. Check the dev workshop thread about Wolf spawn rate clarification, they said the earliest end date in there. I believe it was... May 15th? Though they said it may get extended past then depending on how things go.
  13. Basically what it comes down to is: If you only buy nitain, yes nitain is easier to get. If you only want to buy Catalysts/Reactors, yes they are easier to get. If you only want to buy Corrosive Projection and other specific mods, yes they are easier to get. If you specifically want specifically X it is easier to get. However if you want general stuff that's part of Nightwave/Alerts you're in a *much* worse situation with nightwave, especially if you can't do all of the Nightwave Acts. The rotating store and agonizing rate of Wolf Cred spawns just adds to this. There's already been a bunch of alternatives suggested by other people including myself, but here's another. Ditch the rotating store and be quite a bit more generous with Wolf Cred drops (double or even triple). Instead have a store with everything but only in specific numbers. One Reactor, One Catalyst, one of each Aura and Helmet, two of each weapon, 3 sets of 5 nitain, etc. The amount resets on a weekly basis so you can get One Reactor per week but can't just buy up a bunch all at once, giving you more credits to spend on the other stuff you need (including nitains). I really hope things change with Wave 2 because Wave 1 has left me really exhausted with the system and with helping new friends and clanmates navigate it. It used to be that in your first couple days of playing you'd get a bunch of alert weapons and then move onto bigger and better stuff but now I've got people with access to much better and higher-MR weapons just getting access to these MR0 Alert Melees for the first time and with having to choose between getting the affinity to master these crappy weapons, grabbing the cosmetics for frames they like, grabbing auras they need, or holding off for who knows what's going to come in the store next week. God forbid you grab Energy Siphon this week just to have Corrosive Projection show up next week and oopsie you can't get any more Wolf Creds so sucks to be you.
  14. Umm what? Most of the auras in the game are exclusive to Alerts/Nightwave. Every player needs at least some of those Auras in order to actually have *any* auras for their frames. And the weapons while not amazing are worth MR, again something that every player needs, and are primarily useful weapons to low MR players (who no longer have access to them since they can't do most of the nightwave challenges). Also most players early on who need this stuff don't have access to most of the nightwave challenges and couldn't do them even if they wanted to so that's not 50 Wolf Creds every 1-2 weeks, it's more 50 wolf creds every 3-4 weeks, by which point they will have access to waaaaaaaaaay better weapons from their clans and the market. Most of the stuff in nightwave you may not care about but players just starting the game *DO* and they're the ones who get the least access to it now because it's locked behind challenges that they can't complete or don't even have access to yet. Nightwave succeeds at one thing and one thing only. Giving veterans who have completed everything a task to do. Beyond that it fails in just about every way Alerts failed, as well as some areas where they did an okay job.
  15. Frames aren't totally cosmetic in archwing missions though, there are better and worse frames for Archwing because some Frame Mods and many Passives still apply. A build that includes loot radar and enemy radar on Trinity with her revive speed bonus for example is a bunch better than Oberon with a bunch of power strength/efficiency.
  16. Because Console. There's simply not enough buttons. Aim and Fire are already used for tricks which would prevent them from also being used to aim and fire. There's not really any good options to reassign the trick buttons to that wouldn't interfere with other stuff in the heat of combat.
  17. Alternative solution: 1) Give blink a 2 second cooldown between uses in atmosphere. It keeps it's mobility in standard missions, but looses it's broken movement system in the open world. 2) Give a flat speed boost to all K-drives, buff Perfect Balance so it scales up to 99% (9% per lvl instead of 6) to compensate for the increased control difficulty, and buff Extreme Velocity and Nitro Boost to 48% (8% per level instead of 5%). This would give you the option to make K-Drives crazy speedy transport craft instead of trick machines, and give you the tools to make them stable enough to accommodate their speed. 3) Add two new mods for K-Drives. The first increases K-Drive acceleration to help get back up to speed if you get caught on terrain. The second adds a directional blink as an alternative to "Poppin' Vert". Not compatible to combine the two and can't be used for upwards mobility but instead gives a reasonable distance teleport for bypassing difficult terrain like Archwings can. 4) Add more combat capability to K-Drives. Press a button to switch between trick mode and combat mode. When in combat mode the trick buttons are disabled but you can use your secondary, your melee, and your Warframe abilities from your K-Drive. To dismount switch back to trick mode and use melee as normal. This allows K-Drives to effectively become combat mounts far better than Archwings and gives them a purpose even if they're not built for travel. 5) Please buff the Damage mods for K-Drives. They're all pretty abysmal. Outside of the lowest level bounties they're a waste of mod points taking upwards of a minute to kill trash mobs. Please make them actually worth our time.
  18. Alternative suggestion: A) Let us fire guns while on K-Drives B) Add a +damage mod to K-Drives that increases the damage of any other damage dealing mods to a level that can actually be useful against the tougher bounties. C) Add a blink mod for K-Drives to help them compete with Operators and Archwings. Do it just like double jump, where doing a trick out of a jump warps you a considerable distance in the direction your aiming.
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