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  1. >It was apparent in player feedback and play testing that these Infused Warframe Abilities had the potential to be the overwhelming choice. "Thanks" Leaving MR requirement would solve the "overwhelming choice" problem by making this system accessible to experienced players, but no, it's too good, we want to deny any amount of fun players might have. Tennocon 2020 left people disappointed anyway, and now you made them angry. Good job!
  2. Okaaaay, so... The 6th of july is here and the second part of the event is over. First place goes to --RV--Virtuoso for his 1 minute and 2 seconds run!
  3. Unfortunately this submission does not qualify, since the recording was made in 2019.
  4. Yeah, I agree. Tileset should be seen in the background.
  5. Chapter 2 of the community-made event: Meer is radio silent, Previous skirmishes allowed us to gather information on the exact site where the grineer defector is located. Bring him to safety, his findings may prove benefitial to our cause. Grineer defector and a scientist, Ker Brunt, is kept in the deepest section of ‘Ariel’ testing site. Intel suggests that he might be implanted with a neurochip, that interferes with brain function. Ker may be confused and will try to resist. Capture him, we can deal with the chip at the relay.
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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