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  1. Fortnite very poorly implemented the gyro controls of the Switch in their version. It's like trying to navigate with a grid layout. Warframe did it much better, but not the prime example of what it could be. 30 fps aside, it's not there just yet. Splatoon 2 is the pinnacle of gyro controls done right though. For a third person shooter, it feels really smooth, and I don't just mean the 60 fps.
  2. I was confused as all ever, but I loved that the game ran pretty well on my pretty horrible computer. I missed the beta because my first GPU didn't support the game. Back when abilities had to be slotted in, I could at least ignore the useless abilities while focusing on the things I like. Nyx still has my most used Warframe statistic to this day.
  3. Blessed change that was heavily needed. It's great to see the NSW version getting worked on with feedback also being addressed.
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