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  1. I'm glad you only nerfed 3 melee mods and didn't touch melee itself. I am looking forward to trying out those new arcanes and mods.
  2. Thanks for this! Maybe I will be able to change my gunner to pilot and not have to leave my railjack on the other side of the map when going into priority targets. The environment will stop killing me in priority targets.
  3. What is the point of the void sinks? I get the point of flying into a void storm damaging you, but void sinks seem like an unnecessary hazard. I take more damage from the environment than the enemy units in void storms.
  4. I have been having the same problem and posted this in the Update 30 bug forum. I just made my pilot my second gunner and leave my railjack as close to the objective as possible to cut down time being out of it.
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Extra UI above ability UI doesn't show up in Railjack missions REPRODUCTION: Start a solo railjack mission EXPECTED RESULT: Extra UI shows up above ability UI OBSERVED RESULT: Extra UI doesn't show up above ability UI. REPRODUCTION RATE: It happens every time I start a solo Railjack mission.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Can't change crew from gunner to pilot using the tactical menu during a solo mission. EXPECTED RESULT: The crew member leaves the turret and starting piloting. OBSERVED RESULT: Crew member stayed in turret even though it played the random quote. Get the same result no matter how many times you select it. Once mission is over, they will be piloting, and you can't enter the turret they were using. The prompt doesn't show up. REPRODUCTION RATE: It is random but will continue to do it if you don't go back to the dojo after the mission is over.
  7. Is the Switch included in it this time? Not like with the Heart of Deimos.
  8. Is this a grab bay scenario or a one drop per stream scenario?
  9. I really like this new update! But why did you make reward tiers based on how much wreckage you repaired? Are we just going to repair random wreckage to get up to tier 3?
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