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  1. Happy Birthday. Love the drop. Can't wait to see what Relics I get.
  2. Will one of the fixes being finally getting rid of [time] on all UI that displays time?
  3. I can decorate my orbiter again! The visuals on the Plains and the Valis look much better now. I looks like you changed the HUD text. It looks like you took off the bold. The [time], [hours], and [minutes] are still showing up everywhere like the Foundry.
  4. Does this mean I can decorate my orbiter again with my new floofs? I haven't been able to since the last update since it doesn't display the buttons.
  5. Uh oh, the drop is ducats which means we are not going to get it.
  6. Since it isn't ducats maybe the drop will work. I really hopes it does since I really need that aura forma.
  7. I am on the Switch and didn't get the ducats drop. But I did get the gravimag last week. For the last month I have never gotten the ducats drops during prime time. Maybe there is something wrong with dropping ducats during prime time?
  8. I finally got the Twitch Drop from a Prime Time after 3 weeks of not getting anything.
  9. I play on the Switch and didn't get the drop. In the past three weeks the only drop that I got was from the Dev Stream.
  10. Can you separate the Weekly and Elite Acts for the catch up? I have never completed all the Elite Acts because of my MR and progress in the Star Chart. Is these catch up acts going to keep to progress you made on them or would you have to start them over?
  11. Hopefully Darvo will actually have something to buy when I go there this time. Every time I go there it is always sold out.
  12. This is great. I can finally fight the Wolf with my main equipment. He would always show up when I was ranking up low ranking equipment.
  13. Question about the catch up mechanic for Nightwave 2. Does it keep the progress you made on the acts? Can you work on those acts while they are not visible or only do them while they are visible?
  14. Have the MOA lift one of its legs and have oil come out like its going to the bathroom.
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