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  1. I love the new melee especially the auto blocking. I can actually use the stances that I have now since I didn't like going into melee mode. It is so fluid switch back and forth.
  2. They probably wanted to put it on a Warframe everyone could have.
  3. I am waiting until Friday so that I can take full advantage of the boosters.
  4. I do like the Nightwave missions but I think you should offer wolf cred more often in the tiers like in addition to the other rewards. Or they could be offered when you capture the Nightwave mini bosses. Maybe you could offer 1 cred per 1000 standing in addition to other creds. Another issue I was wondering about if the 60% of completed missions to clear all 30 tiers included the elite 5000 missions. Because I can't do them since I am about only about half way though the star chart. I do not think any new users like seeing rewards they know they will never get. By the time we get to that level these rewards will be gone. On that Ayatan mission, I turned all the Ayatan Sculptures a few days before Nightwave launched.
  5. As someone who started on the Switch I never used alerts for credits. I actually ignored alerts that only gave credits. When I got free credit boosters I would spam dark sectors.
  6. I ran into the same problem during the Gift of the Lotus. I was attacked by a lot of power carriers in the beginning that I didn't need them all and had to wait around for power carriers to come to the last one. I wanted to go back to pick up all the old power cells but couldn't remember where they were. I thought that was the reason I had to wait around so long on the last one.
  7. Have the MOA lift one of its legs and have oil come out like its going to the bathroom.
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