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  1. I do like the idea of thier fourth freezing the durations of other abilities while active. You made it not work on subsumed to make it not OP.
  2. So, you are saying not to watch any Warframe stream until we get the update. I'm glad the drops are only the cards then.
  3. Thank you for lowing the MR requirement! I guess I need to start building spare Warframes now.
  4. Thanks for the Ash parts! This is another Warframe I had problems farming.
  5. I am glad I waited on rebuilding Warframes until this came out. I just got to MR 14 and will probably be a while until I get to MR15
  6. Thanks for the Khora parts. I have been really unlucky in getting them. But I guess I still need to grind out the blueprint.
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