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  1. Lutesque's post in Harrow Build was marked as the answer   
    That seems about right.... 
    Well there you go... While you are waiting for his Prime you can Build Him and test drive him.... Then Feed Him to The Fishes 😈 !!!
  2. Lutesque's post in Saryns… was marked as the answer   
    Before I stopped playing I use to go to fissures with my Flares and Leech Affinity from other players while simultaneously getting Prime Loot XD !!! Nobody ever complained... infact... they rarely noticed me... :O !
    I guess... but how am I going to Synergise if I don't have access to all my abilities and cant fit on all my mods ? :O 
  3. Lutesque's post in what is da best way to get mesa prime (I really like the prime variant lol) was marked as the answer   
    Considering How Popular Mesa is.... I bet you can get her just by Doing An Aggressive amount of Void Fissue Missions at Random.... That's if you have an ever Growing stock pile of each Relic type like I did.... 
    But it's still RNG.... Saryn Prime was pretty Popular too but I never managed to get all her stuff this way.... I had to buy the last Piece I needed.....
    In any case... Happy Hunting 👍 !!!
  4. Lutesque's post in When should I start doing railjack? was marked as the answer   
    You can't be undergeared for:
    Because these Activities basically make you start from square one with a new gimmick regardless of how much progress you have made in other areas of the game....
    Conversely you also have things like Arbitration which you can be undergeared for... The problem with is Arbitration Rewards crap that helps strengthen your Gear... Endo !!! So naturally you kinda have to do it even if you can't...
  5. Lutesque's post in Controller not working on PC was marked as the answer   
    Steam has Drivers for Dual Shock 4, Steam Controller and Nintendo Controllers.... 
    If you want to play Warframe using a PlayStation Controller then you really are better off doing it through Steam instead of DS4 Windows....
    Steam Input also allows you to Create Binding for the Gyrometer and Touch Pad....
    It's probably a good idea to remove DS4 Windows Drivers so that it doesn't conflict with Steam Input.... This is an Issue I had with my Controller... The official Driver was getting in the way of Steam... Causing the Inputs to Double Tap.
    You might have to check your Config to see which Input Style your Stick is using.... It's suppose to be set to "Joy Stick Move"... It might be set to "Mouse" or "Mouse Like Joystick"... Which is janky as hell on games that actually have Controller Support.
    Steam Input seems to be the Cause....
    If you are unfamiliar with the Feature... Hopefully this will help you either to Configure it... Or just to turn it off:
  6. Lutesque's post in What have they done to controllers in this game? was marked as the answer   
    If you play on Steam it's possible you might have Steam Input enabled and the default config might have been replaced by some unholy Config from someone else...
    You can just disable Steam Input on Warframe specifically or on all your Games if you don't use it at all.
    If that's not what happened then try posting in the Feedback Section or sending a bug report (I don't have the link for that 😞)
    On my Steam Input Config I have Sprint bound to the Outer Ring of the Left Stick hence if I push the left stick far enough The ship will boost....
    And this would be annoying.... Except I never EVER go anywhere near the Pilot's Controls in Railjack... I'm strictly an Engineer... I engineer S#&$ 😝.
    I really hope the problem is Steam Input because I can't think of anything else that would cause this.
    Oh cool.... Didn't know that... !!! 🙂
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