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  1. Hi! So I've came up with the two question about the Nyx that quite confuse me: 1) Is the "Mind Freak" augment works at all? First off - you don't see these 500% damage per cent added on her status bar. For example - for 6 seconds I get up to 623% damage buff and....that's it. It stays as 623% buff, no 500% added to them. And with this mod I cannot say that the mob under her control actually does more damage with this augment than without it. 2)Her Absorb seems to do less damage than it shows on status bar. Like, you can absorb A LOT of damage and then it feels like it does only 1-4% out of 100% damage you've absorbed. Again - it's just my observings, but..they feel very real. Can they be true though?
  2. Please, please fix armor on big kubrows. It looks horrible on them. Just look at it! Edit: Kubrow armor was fixed, but not mentioned in post. Thanks!
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