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  1. So apparently according to the patch notes from Nezha Prime's release back in October, the Panthera Prime was supposed to be updated from a riven disposition of 0.5 to a riven disposition of 0.85. And yet, when I look at my panthera prime, it still only has a riven disposition of 0.5 Is this a bug that anyone else can confirm? I've been asking and asking on switch but no one has been able to tell me why this is the case. Is this the case with all weapon dispos that were updated at Nezha Prime release? There have been several switch patches since then and this issue still has not been
  2. @[DE]Helen Can we please get a statement on when we are getting the Riven updates from Nezha Prime? its been four months now since all other platforms got updated riven dispositions, and we are still here with our 0.5 disposition on panthera prime that was released in in June of last year. Its frankly kind of awful that we literally have received no feedback on this, and it hasn't been looked at at all. Surely its not so hard to change a few numbers. Are you literally unaware of this issue? Are we gonna get Octavia Prime access and still have riven dispositions from back in June? Any statement
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