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  1. I think we are still on 29.0.6 over here on switch, we probably have to wait a while for this update. Hopefully its fixed on PC at least? Its just a very frustrating bug all around for a weapon that requires so much investment to get. EDIT: The patch notes mention that they fixed the Zymos issue of not producing spores, but didn't see anything about Sepulcrum sadly. Hopefully this means that they are at least aware of it.
  2. I've been consistently able to replicate both of these issues across multiple warframes and dozens of tests. When you are not the host, Sepulcrum's alt fire does not have any homing capability. The missiles just fire completely straight with no homing at all and the color of the projectiles is not dependent upon your energy color, they seem to always be orange. When getting a headshot with the Zymos when you are not the host, there will be an explosion but no seeking spores will be produced. Both of these issues render the weapons largely unusable in public missions, which
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