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  1. Although warframe.market does the job for many people, it left me wanting for a better, more streamlined user experience. Since I am an amateur web developer, I thought I can create a new one if people are interested in using it.
  2. Is it possible to make boosters only active when you are online and freeze their countdown when you are not playing? I think this change would be appreciated by the players who play it in short but numerous sessions a day. Not all of us has a big block of time to take full advantage of boosters. It would be also great if we could manually activate a booster instead of it being active immediately after receiving it. This is more important with the boosters received as a daily reward. I feels terrible to be forced to choose between playing the content you want and playing the content
  3. It would be great to have buttons that selects all unranked duplicate mods of certain rarity. In case you don't have a ranked version of the said mod, it selects all but one of them. This would make managing mods much more easier. Selecting one by one is extremely cumbersome.
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