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  1. I just want to let you all at DE know, my clan of 100 actives is down to 5 now since nightwave and now your bumbling of melee, you ruined this game. On a side note, my alliance clans ( over 70 clans) are all talking of quitting. Im a year one player, its been fun and all. Too bad you destroyed this game for so many ppl. Good luck.
  2. Most of my players have already quit because of your nightwave events, and the fact that someone with a life doesnt have time to complete them (Or new players dont have standing, wtf?). Now your completely destroying combat styles and player friendly melee. This better be undone soon, like tonight. My clan went from a dozen or more online at any time to 1-2 because of your changes. Your destroying this game in a matter of weeks, after being so great for years. Im done with this if its not resolved tonight. Undo melee changes, make nightwave tasks feasibly doable for new players as well as vets, and stop fixing what isn't broken.
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