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  1. Several sets.. no mask. FML. Tired of doing this 232 runs... FINALLY got that mask! If I never hear that howl again.. it will be too soon.
  2. I knew that. Just hasn't shown up for me.
  3. Really want that mask but my lord I am getting bored! 167 runs. Still nothing.
  4. Funny. I don't remember calling names. I lost tons of items too. I choose to *hold* my plat instead of blowing on something I dont really want in the first place. It is coming back. I literally do not see why you can not just wait and be patient. Complaining about having to buy something you don't want and then making a SECOND purchase for what you do later makes no sense. Just don't buy what you don't want. I feel like that is common sense. No one is forcing you to spend money. You aren't the only one affected but most of us are planning to hold our refund and use it to re-buy the items. I'm sorry that it is burning a hole in your pocket but that is a personal problem.
  5. Oooorrrr... maybe just fix the hole in your pocket and hold the money to buy what you truly want again when it comes out. The plat isn't on fire. It isn't burning a hole in anyone's pocket. No one is telling anyone to spend it on something else. If you make that choice.... that is YOUR choice not the DE's choice.
  6. The items will come back when they get licensing. Just hold the plat and re-purchase when it is legal on the game. The money will be spent the same way that way. No money wasted. I get being upset.. we all were. But you can use that same plat to buy the item again at a later date.
  7. Thank you guys for hearing us. I am sure it will go a long way with the community. Definitely brought a smile to this tenno. Glad to see it isn't all in vain.
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