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  1. her 2 scales slowly. in order to raise her dmg reduction to 90% for a brief respite before you run out of energy at certain point scaling from 50% to 90% becomes more of a chore. at 90% her energy vaccoon exceeds what's stated at the ability description. why? no longer has crowd control. still weaker than most unpunishable warframes at standard lvl 100 enemies aka, saryn, octavia,mesa & nezha - laughs in nidus her first ability can deal like 33k dmg at lvl 30 enemies, while doing barely 900 DPS at lvl 100 - no armored grineer. i mean... i can and i shall oneshot those suckers using a redeemer (not to mention i can do it again while using a damn gorgon prisma to empty an entire room), why i would waste 2 secs of my life holding a skill button to charge a spell that causes 400% less damage than a shot at the face using a shotgun-blade... it feels... useless by not saying something more rude. most important recasting her 3 will get you killed regardless the situation, if you hold on to the ability in order to "cool-off" her 2 will get you energy hungry. her 2 consumes a LOT of energy, recasting her 2 will get you to LOSE important survivability and you must grind it up again, 50% dmg reduction is non-existant againts lvl 100 enemies, and holding her at 90% hurts a lot, while losing it is much worse. - her 4 is... nice... for setting everything on fire. but since ember does not have enough survivability is kinda, "shoot me plenty"
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