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  1. Update: On the sumary about the latest devstream this was weitten: 'Three additional purchasable Upgrade and Appearance configs, meaning you can expand it up to 6 total per Warframe.' Very cool that DE is adding this but I don't like that it is purchasable. They haven't said any price yet but considering that I would want it for like nearly every warframe it would probably get quite expensive. But again, they haven't said any price yet.
  2. For Warframes and weapons you can only use three different mod and appearance configs. For some Warframes and weapons I would like to use more than just three configs. For example: For Nova I use a speed Nova and slow Nova for her 4, a speed Nova for her 3 and a build for her 2. That's already 5 different mod configs. And I don't like switching up mods in configs. For weapons I sometimes need more mod configs. For example my Knell: I use three different status/crit builds with different elementals and a Eidolon crit build. And when it comes to appearance for weapons I often use green, red, blue, white, ... colors and I currently have to change colours very often. There also is enough space for more configs. I am just hoping for a change.
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