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  1. That makes sense. I don't use Braton Prime all that often, but do enjoy using it for mid level survival.
  2. Did you go Corrosive or Magnetism? Also, FYI my build looks like this: Serration Split Chamber Vigilante Armaments Stormbringer + Hellfire (Radiation) Malignant Force
  3. Every time we load into a mission, social space, or free roam area we have a loading screen. Some missions can take less than a minute to complete, which is shorter than the loading screen to get into the mission and then leave the mission. One way we could reduce the amount of loading screens between missions is to give us a "Battle/Extract" option like we have between endless modes like Interception or Defense. I could foresee this being most helpful for Invasions, where you need to do at least 3 missions before getting the reward. Another spot this could be helpful is when practicing Mastery Rank tests. Give us the option to reset the practice simulation instead of loading into the Relay and then reloading the practice test. For those of us that have limited amount of time to play, this would give us some extra time to play more of what we want.
  4. Thank You. This is my first year attending, so I appreciate the response.
  5. Will we find out where it is being held after purchasing the tickets? I'm trying to make plans as soon as possible.
  6. Where is the convention being held at in London? I want to book a hotel close by.
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