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  1. Tout est dans le titre, je suis MR11 (me prenez pas pour un noob j’en ai marre de la discrimination juste parce que je farm pas l’exp) je main Valkyr Prime et je suis plus centré sur les armes de mêlée. Je suis trés actifs et je peux vocal sur Discord. Je suis un mec sympa sinon XD
  2. eef, Mithra looked better for her but ok
  3. Basically how to do makeup,to look beautiful, etc...
  4. Can we be able to tweak our weapon’s stats in Simulacrum however we want to ? E.g. adding more fire rate hopefully only for simulacrum XD
  5. Please don’t, I beg you. This is the only Ephemera I have 😕 make Ephemeras obtainable with plat
  6. Oh, then it’s not a nerf, it’s a buff XD
  7. Someone tell me what has been nerfed about Itzal ?
  8. I totally agree, though I’ve only got suspended once when I just started the game. But the chat does need a rework indeed
  9. Thanks man, now we can solve da cipherrrrrrr
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