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  1. Could it be for Emblems too ? I want to put my clan’s logo in my ship.
  2. Dont. Ever. Say. Or. Propose. Changes. About. Valkyr. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. As a Valkyr main, it is rude that you call godmode a kitty.
  4. Warframe: Valkyr Prime Primary: Soma Prime/Dera Vandal Secondary: Akbronco Prime/Spira Prime Melee: Nikana Prime Companion: Adarza Kavat
  5. OOF, it’s fine, I’m online almost everyday so just tell me when you’re on ^^
  6. Hey, I’ll be able to play with at 2:15 pm Paris Time. See you there : D
  7. I will be on at 11:30 Paris Time, I’ll help you out ^^
  8. Very nice holster customization man. yep, you can’t fool me
  9. I’ll make it simple for you, add me as a friend and I’ll help you out when you’re online. IGN: AirMaskNinja
  10. I beg u don’t apply this rework
  11. Valkyr without invincible is like cake without sugar and butter. And I also play her for the Rip Line Valkyr is perfect as she is and shouldn’t be changed i beg u don’t apply this rework
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