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  1. Thanks for the hotfixes!, really appreciate how vex armor interacts with nullifiers. Was wondering if we could have more than 1 pet active, changing between pets for different missions/farms such as smeeta for kuva farms, to sahasa for eidolon hunts are tiring, and unnecessary. Plus, it would be awesome to see more pets roaming around the orbiter, interacting with each other :D.
  2. After reading your statement, i agree where there'll be people who abuse that vote kick idea, but there's no afk/leech category in the report section, and you wouldn't know they're a leech until its mid mission, where if i leave, i'd loose so much exp.
  3. Nice fixes, but i wonna suggest a kick player voting in squads, or in missions. Sometimes there can be accidental/intentional exp leechers, afk, or the host forgot to set it to invite only.
  4. hmm Idk why i couldn't upload an image so I put the link instead :^) https://ibb.co/SrWf6zz
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