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  1. I had a similar issue on another video card to the point I opened a ticket with DE to help me narrow the problem down. My issue was my card and I ended up replacing it with a spare. I only had the issue with Warframe. I'm suspicious that it was overheating but couldn't prove it.
  2. Generally when you do a major hardware swap, like a processor or board change, you want to do a fresh install of the OS. Plug and Pray has gotten better over the years, but it's still not perfect.
  3. The cells BP is good if you find yourself a few short and don't want to farm them.
  4. Most game forums can be abrasive. It's where people vent their frustrations. I personally find the WoW forums the worst for me. The in game chat isn't too bad. I've actually met some good people on voice chat during missions. People are sometimes quite surprised when someone actually uses it.
  5. The first upgrade will be a video card that I can use on my current system and the new one. My current system has an Intel i7 3770 Ivy as the processor. The mother board is what's failing. I've lost 1/2 My sata ports and the Cpu fan port is going out. Thankfully I put an oversized heatsink on it so I don't have any overheating issues...yet. The move to RISC has been talked about for ages, but I don't see it happening soon. The change will require a new os as well as applications and I don't see it happening at the general consumer level any time soon
  6. I'll get the Make and Model of the Monitor later since I bought it within the last 3 years. It was fairly quick at the time. Monitor is an Asus VX248h. https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/VX248H/specifications/
  7. Interesting. I guess I can break my Intel habit. I admit to past biases there, especially when an old AMD processor had a bad tendency to overheat and burn the mother board. That was years ago though. It's sad that I'm finally being dragged kicking and screaming to Windows 10. Wasn't a fan of the "call home" features that really can't be turned off despite what Microsoft claims and Packet Sniffers prove otherwise, but that's another discussion.
  8. All good questions that I probably should have answered. Budget is almost a non-factor. I usually buy the components piecemeal over a few months as I put them together so I can spend more than I could if I just blew the wad in one lump sum. 1. I'm currently running Windows 7 Pro and will probably finally bite the bullet and move to 10 since there isn't really a linux option. 2. Monitor and mouse are good. I think the keyboard is due for a reluctant upgrade since I'm still using a ps2 Microcoft "Bent" keyboard. I love it for ergenomics, but I've noticed a slight latency at times. (Looking at you Octavia). 3. My SSD and Hard Drive are new enough to be wiped and re purposed. Case is definitely due an upgrade. Video card is a MUST replace since I'm using an Nvidia 660 and this game already helped burn up a 650Ti that I was using. I'm in the US (Texas) so parts acquisition isn't usually an issue.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right sub forum for this so if not let me know. Due to some hardware issues it's time to build a new computer. Warframe is the most demanding game I play so I want a system that does it exceptionally well. I've looked at the minimal specs, and want something at the far end. I guess the prime piece will be the video card. Any suggestions what I should start looking for?
  10. I have an honest question and am not trying to rile things up. I never played during that heyday so I can only go by how y'all say it was. I can understand why they nerfed Ember. Hitting the 4 to clear the map can be annoying to the rest of the team. However a few months later DE introduces Saryn who can nuke maps as well. What gives? It's also kinda funny in that last night I helped a random farm his Ember parts. I was there farming the Hammer Stance and got lucky and got it on the 2nd try. After reading this I think I might mess with my Ember again and see what I can come up with.
  11. Using his signature weapons helps a lot. I ended up buying a Carrier Prime so I could more easily deal with the ammo issue. I don't mind Mach Rushing into walls because the explosion and knock down are handy, especially if you follow up with a quick cold thermal. I sometimes forget to Redline, but when I do the Acceltra throws out some major pain. In open world it's cool to mach rush around, but the Archwing is still faster because you fly over obstacles.
  12. Honest question. What options are available without just making a boss a bullet sponge like Wolf? Profit taker has it's invulnerability, but a mechanic to get around it. It seems to be interesting enough. Thumpers have invulnerability except for the leg parts. But that gets annoying when you get 3/4 of the legs busted.
  13. Please help me remember. Was that playing on your 8088? How did you avoid the T-Rex while walking up hill to school both ways. Tell us more, grand pa. 😛 Sorry, couldn't resist. Yes, everyone plays differently. Ideally if we work together a little bit the mission go faster and we can all get more done.
  14. There are some maps, like those crashed corpus ships, where that could be an exception since it's easy to get lost on. On the other side it's frustrating when I just arrive at the elevator to only see the lone guy in it clicking away and leaving the rest of us to wait. The passive aggressive part of me would be tempted to set my warframe to walk and let you finish the mission and wait out the extraction timer. But that would definitely be "NOT" nice and not exactly what this thread is about. 😛
  15. Let's also keep in mind that this thread is full of ideals and suggestions. It's not hard and fast dogma. I've seen at least one reply that I'd consider trollish and decided not to respond directly to avoid derailing the discussion. Everyone's play time is valuable to them, but for the most part it is a co-op game. The demand that someone play solo cuts both ways. I did a profit taker last night with a setup I thought might work. It didn't in a spectacular fashion. Thankfully my teammates carried me through and I made sure to thank them when we were through. Just remember that everyone was a Noob at sometime and didn't know the fight. It's one thing to watch a video and another thing to actually do it.
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