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  1. I noticed personnally the absence of grass on the plains of Eidolon. I want it back please. So far Warframe is a must on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. I want the grass back. the plains of Eidolon are not more the plains of Eidolon. Please bring it back DE.
  3. Thanks for help my friend Draugath. I understand now. You must in the School Tree bind the different powers that then turn red and are activated. When I think that I played Warframe until now (almost 2 years) withtout binding this powers. Now my Tennos will be more powerfull. I have tried it before 2 Minutes and it functions pico bello. You learn all day. A good coming Sunday 🙂 Tunnelrat
  4. Hallo to all Tenno [DE] Members. I was trying today the Naramon School with my Tenno and I notice that the Naramon's Executing Dash doesn't function on Switch. Normally dashed ennemies are not planned to be projected and should in contrary be opened to finishers. It's not the case. They are all the time been projected with no option to acquire finishers. It's very frustrating because the others schools seem to function normally. Could you fix that as soon as possible. Stay all save and wealthy. Be good and fight evil. Tunnelrat
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