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  1. i would buy a font for this that we can download from DE themselves.
  2. I would like dark sectors to have several quests that is the only way to end up fighting off the sentients. Strategy over firepower given that that is how they were defeated in the first place.
  3. make sure that you bought the platinum to the account you wanted it in.
  4. Forgot where i posted so here ya go: RB should still affect everything in the room. Of course not those in another room that's just weird. But, with the old range it had there should be a fall off depending on the range of enemies to excalibro on the duration of the stun. Not only do you get the previous short term no one is killing the cryopod from 100m away, but it responds to the "physics/spacemagic" DESteve in that all the stupid walls/floors/ceilings are overly shiny(must be the futuristic polish space janitors use) and light(because that is what it is) REFLECTS OF OF OBJECTS!!! The i
  5. OverlordMcGeek


    now awaken all of them and the "war" will be over. radiation everywhere and 1,000,000 renewals for immortal army.
  6. so what happy milleniuth? lotus is 1000 years old now right? (in-game for those who don't realize this is a joke)
  7. slash dash doesn't need a rework. you go far and give slash damage at low damage levels for a 1st. as for the OP it would make sense if it could still the "punch through" it had as long as it has fall off usability given that it is light and would bounce off of walls/ceilings/floors, they are all ubber shiny.
  8. I really need to start watching these...? "devstreams" or however you kids today call them.
  9. Dread is ridiculously awesome so keep it forever. Hate looks dope.
  10. in next years anniversary you will most likely get a bulk of prot-excal/nyx and dex furis to make up for it.
  11. yeah we can't do anything about that how about going all the way at the bottom of the page and clicking on support?
  12. it seems you have only had a stream of bad luck. its been 3-4 months since i last went nueral sensor farming and only just recently ran out. I was farming for harvester and would leave at 5 minutes, I had about 30+ of them.
  13. its a saryn bot casting her 1st on you. EDIT: not bot, specter. my bad might have given the wrong message there.
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