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  1. When using gyro controls with detached Joy Cons or Pro Controllers. -the game only uses 2-axis input instead of 3-axis (for reference examples Breath of the Wild or Odyssey use 3-axis gyro). The result is you have to point the Joy Con or Pro Controller directly at the screen to use gyro control effectively. The natural orientation of the controller in-the-hand is at a 45 degree angle, not parallel with the ground. - There is a lot of drift when using the gyro controls, meaning the reticle will not come back to it's original orientation in-game when your controller returns to it's original position in real life. Additionally, when halting movement of the controller in real life, the reticle will make seemingly random additional adjustments to your aim (throwing your aim off).. The gyro controls are needed to make aiming bearable. However, they are a real pain to use right now. To use the Joy Con or Pro Controller gyro controls effectively, I have to hold my forearms up and steady, pointed directly at the screen. To make up for the drift, I have to frequently make huge adjustments to the reticle orientation using the the analog sticks.
  2. profit taker phase 4, weapon ammunition indicator disappears after engaging archwing
  3. Switch players...Just draw something for the Grineer in Eidolon.
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