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  1. There's a lot of great ideas on this thread, but I couldn't help but notice some mix-ups between the themes portrayed in the abilities and the designs for the operator outfits. In particular: • Madurai Suit looks like a bird/Zephyr outfit, yet is assigned to Madurai (fire) instead of Vazarin (wind) • Naramon Suit looks like a dragon/Chroma outfit, yet is assigned to Naramon(shadow) instead of Madurai (fire) • Vazarin Suit looks like a genie/ninja outfit, yet is assigned to Vazarin (wind) instead of Naramon (shadow) or Zenurik (electricity/radiation) Having read the abilities, I'd have assigned them as (from left to right): Unairu, Vazarin, Zenurik, Naramon, Madurai Regardless, they all look so good, I'd get all of them for my operator in a flash. In terms of the changes to abilities, passives and the introduction of Void Spiral: • "Void Spiral: Void Dash + Void Blast" Would require the player to use Void Blast mid-dash, which is not only a hard button input (specially on controller), but also causes the ability to be incredibly hard to position properly (as you're very quickly displacing yourself while trying to cast this). I would much rather see it implemented as Void Mode + Void Blast, or Aim/Block + Void Blast. • It's a bit confusing how these abilities are distributed, as I understand it each ability in a school's list is a single node? Would this maintain the tree progression system? • For Madurai's Void Spiral, why reload speed instead of +% fire damage (akin to Ember's Accelerant)? That seems like the type of QoL I'd expect from Zenurik (or Volt's Speed). • I would've though Vazarin's theme to be "Water" and Naramon's to be "Wind", but this also works. Those are the ones that really stood out to me while reading through the first time. Hope some of your proposed changes make it to the game one day!
  2. @Almighty_Jadowill you be announcing when the group has chosen the "winning" applicants, or have/will you sent/send an invitation privately and leave the announcement for the next weekly update?
  3. I love every word of that epilogue to the RP, surprisingly wholesome actually. Thanks for the awesome time, and I recommend anyone who comes across these in the future to jump right on the opportunity to participate, they are absolutely wonderful.
  4. Those banners are looking amazing! In regards to the event, will the backlogs for the RPs be visible? Even if it's only recent entries, I'm interested in finding out what the source material looks like; the summaries we've gotten make it sound like a good read.
  5. New Year's can't get here fast enough. It will be nice to have some news to fill in the gap.
  6. Forgot to hide the fps counter, but to disable it would've required setting the entire scene up again ( T -T ) Alas, here's my entry.
  7. Sweet. I've only recently started following this thread, this is excellent timing. Expect an application from me soon.
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