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  1. There's a lot of great ideas on this thread, but I couldn't help but notice some mix-ups between the themes portrayed in the abilities and the designs for the operator outfits. In particular: • Madurai Suit looks like a bird/Zephyr outfit, yet is assigned to Madurai (fire) instead of Vazarin (wind) • Naramon Suit looks like a dragon/Chroma outfit, yet is assigned to Naramon(shadow) instead of Madurai (fire) • Vazarin Suit looks like a genie/ninja outfit, yet is assigned to Vazarin (wind) instead of Naramon (shadow) or Zenurik (electricity/radiation) Having read the abilities, I'd have assigned them as (from left to right): Unairu, Vazarin, Zenurik, Naramon, Madurai Regardless, they all look so good, I'd get all of them for my operator in a flash. In terms of the changes to abilities, passives and the introduction of Void Spiral: • "Void Spiral: Void Dash + Void Blast" Would require the player to use Void Blast mid-dash, which is not only a hard button input (specially on controller), but also causes the ability to be incredibly hard to position properly (as you're very quickly displacing yourself while trying to cast this). I would much rather see it implemented as Void Mode + Void Blast, or Aim/Block + Void Blast. • It's a bit confusing how these abilities are distributed, as I understand it each ability in a school's list is a single node? Would this maintain the tree progression system? • For Madurai's Void Spiral, why reload speed instead of +% fire damage (akin to Ember's Accelerant)? That seems like the type of QoL I'd expect from Zenurik (or Volt's Speed). • I would've though Vazarin's theme to be "Water" and Naramon's to be "Wind", but this also works. Those are the ones that really stood out to me while reading through the first time. Hope some of your proposed changes make it to the game one day!
  2. I am not a mod or DE staff, but from how Ive seen similar cases been handled, as long as there is no commercial (or mass production) ends on a proyect, they wont care. Also, bear in mind laws governing copyrights do not affect personal property, so long as it is not used for advertisement or commercial purposes (aka you could make your shirts for yourself, but not sell them nor produce them for other people; same applies to the pot). Its likely going to take a long time for an official answer to your topic to come about, but I wish you the best of luck.
  3. In terms of body-type, the bases you use for your operator's face affect how your operator's body looks atm; certain combinations will give them more feminine chests, for instance. Just earlier this week I was working on designs for operator "casual clothing" which is a funny coincidence. I will be putting them up somewhere on the forums later this week. So it's clear I agree that we need some non-combat/space suits for our beloved kiddos. More importantly, I'd like to them fix some of the maps for most cloth-pieces, as they tend to use some form of cross blend leaving several areas un-customizable and in a hard-to-combine color (see the Ceno shoulder pads, which have both of these issues).
  4. Thanks to both of you, for the extremely useful and detailed responses. Doubts cleared! While I know some people have been (unreasonably) upset about this, I thought I should point out I posted this question in order to avoid unnecessary work for the support desk (as I unfortunately got my Mesa PA after christmas). When did you receive this message? I never got this, despite having received my Prime Noggles (though I don't recall having purchased one of them). This would've saved me some trouble. Thanks again for your swift replies!
  5. I've been wondering if after the trouble that was last Christmas' surprise (aka Prime Noggles), if PA's purchased after that event are supposed to be awarded a Prime Noggle. A simple question really.
  6. I was on the fence with the original design, but the rework(v1.2) is A+ content. I'd probably get it, even if only for the helmet.
  7. Yeah, I mentioned the other thread to Jado, who made the comment for me (since last time I commented on it, it got deleted). Funny that it'd be my account that'd end up on the receiving end of the bug this time around though. Sorry for the thread hijack, back to your business. 07
  8. Oh hey look at that, I've been the victim of the newest forum bug. Which I reported a day or two ago, and then my report was promtly and silently deleted. 😕 No worries if that was you that got into my account, it's not your fault, but DE's.
  9. Yea, I’m saving up for a PC right now. My part list is as follows (custom built) Mobo - Asus strix b350-f atx am4 RAM - g.skill trident rgb (2 x 16) storage - one 240 gb ssd, one 1tb WD hard drive video card - Asus Radeon rx 570 4gb case - corisair spec-omega rgb atx PSU - corsair - CXM (2015) 450 w 80+ bronze semi modular. keyboard - razor holiday bundle CPU - 3rd gen Ryzen 5 ryzen is going to release their new 7nm CPU in mid-2019 so I’m probably going to get that then. Also, the razor holiday bundle is really just the essentials, I don’t care too much about a mechanical keyboard.
  10. Whoa, amazing seeing this finally finished! That lotus purple & gold necklace is just perfect. Id like to get my hands on a gold Unairu with black background myself, but then again I would end up wanting one of each schoold in the end. So many beautiful choices!
  11. Clearly there's only one option for lotus earrings and that is Lotus purple. Hard to explain the turning thing without a reference image, but imagine a top-down view of the Unairu sign, where the two smaller mounts are "up" and to the sides of the larger mount; you'd rotate the right-hand mount counter-clockwise, and the left-hand one clockwise. Essentially this moves the crease on the smaller mountians away from the center, and exposes more of the inner-facing side of the mounts. Does that make more sense?
  12. Whoa, they are a lot smaller than I though! Might actually be usable as earrings. Amazing work, as per usual at this point. Maybe you could carve details onto the unairu piece to add more detail? Have one side of each of the mountains be texturized or tinted for an exagerated shadow effect? Perhaps also "turning" the side peaks away from the center one to have more of the internal face exposed? Just some ideas. How long does it take you from start to finish for one of these pendants now?
  13. If anything I'd encourage taking a note from mobile games lately, and have a daily task award the login bonuses, or an enhancement of them. In the case of Warframe, something akin to a daily personal Alert (similar to Sorties) could add an extra login reward. This is incentive to not only login, but play for a few minutes. It works to accelerate the rate at which you go through the login reward system, while maintaining the distance (although at a decreasing proportion) between older loyal players and newcomers.
  14. Good to know. I also just gave the poem another read and realized there's actually a few more errors. How long did it take you to finish this piece?
  15. @Almighty_Jadowill you be announcing when the group has chosen the "winning" applicants, or have/will you sent/send an invitation privately and leave the announcement for the next weekly update?
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