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  1. I'm the Admin, no one else should be able to access it, with the new hotfix that had just deployed I still can't update it
  2. Still can't set it to public, the option is just greyed out for me, I would send you a pic but I don't know how too lol
  3. That didn't seem to do anything, same issue still occurs
  4. I'm running through steam, no idea about the other guy
  5. I can click "Change settings" with the little shield over it but I cannot click "public access" or anything like it, the box is simply greyed out
  6. The PC account is mine & I have full admin access
  7. Alrighty, I appreciate you trying to help
  8. I installed it through steam, should I install it through the website itself?
  9. That's the thing though, the "public" part is greyed out where I can't actually select the check button, I've tried to figure out why but I've not a clue
  10. Yes I have, I have it set to private, won't let me click on the public one though
  11. I've had the same issue before on pc, all I had to do was change the password and it started working fine again
  12. I've tried literally everything, I don't know what else I can do or what I've done wrong. One day I was able to play perfectly fine, the next I can't even load the game, It just idles on the launcher showing "updating". I made a ticket on it yet with no response but I just want some feedback to see if I've done anything wrong?
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