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  1. I don't mind if it's legit passion. However, I just saw a YouTube video from a popular channel restating that a change from 300% HP to 350% HP (which is a 16.6% increase, which will be reduced by lower armor and shield values) can somehow can translate to 9M EHP to 14M EHP and people being angry about that. At that point I cannot sympathize anymore if it's based on failed math. So I wanted to share a different voice, as that's really making me as a player also feel disconnected with the community.
  2. This post is going to be a whole bunch of nothing. Just a thank you and to buck you guys up. I know there's many loud parts of the community and those who are satisfied and grateful don't really have a necessity to constantly talk about it. And you guys have often taken the brunt of the heat head-on like champs, even if some of us don't think you needed to. Sometimes it even seems you can't please everyone and even if you listen, you apparently still have failed. You didn't. There are some of out there who can see exactly what you're doing and we appreciate it. I'm enjoying the vision and the roadmap. Good luck with Tennocon, I'm hyped for it.
  3. Love your work DE! Thanks for everything. That new quest sends a chill down my spine, so well done.
  4. Just ran 2 Earth Railjack nodes solo. Fully playable and was fun! So awesome. I need some tips on how to make the pilot guns aiming work though. The fixed aim was impossible, so I changed the settings so the reticle can move. But then the reticle moves at mach 1000. I lowered both Railjack aiming sensitivity to 0 and it still feels extremely hard to aim. When I saw YouTube videos of people playing Railjack (with mouse and keyboard) they could aim in their vision much better. Anyone got recommended settings?
  5. Awesome! I personally didn't think it to be out this early, looking forward to Railjack not destroying me on the first node, yay! Thanks for the hard work! One question: I'm having a lot of black screen bugs, like right after a mission the screen goes black and it's random when (sometimes never) it goes back to normal. Sometimes some of the elements are still visible, like chat. When I ask a party member to force start a mission it usually goes back to normal. It literally just seems like a scripting bug where 'fade to black' is called but then someone forgot to call the function to 'fade back to normal'. I've gotten it on Railjacks, but also outside of Railjacks. I don't know exactly when it occurs. Is this black screen problem addressed in any of the fixes?
  6. I feel completely detached from most popular opinions on the Warframe subreddit. I don't feel comfortable with most of those representing a player like me. - I have a Lich that's more than 2 months old, because I don't actively grind the heck out of it... like it should be? - I'm enjoying Scarlet Spear very much. The rewards are nice, but it's just a means to get people to play and the gameplay is varied and fun and interactive. I'm making a lot friends while doing this event. I'm also quite done with giving people the excuse of 'they criticize because they are passionate'. No, not when 99% of everything is done right and 1% is done wrong, people always focus on that 1%. As a human being, I just cannot excuse such negative behavior and I wouldn't want to be around these kind of people in real life either. The only place I can find people just talking about the game and having fun is on a specific forum, which is not this one nor is it Reddit, where we can discuss builds, help people and celebrate new farmed stuff. Like it should be. A super simple example: Do I mind Stance Forma? No, because I can just ... not get it? Done. Bam. No one killed my dog or ruined my life. Any other reaction and I can't help but think "What's wrong with you?". I feel like the in-game community is nothing like the forum or YouTube community. The people in-game are the real people actively playing the game. Like damn, I want them to stop but I don't think they ever will. Nothing is ever good enough. At some points I think people are just using bots to spread negativity. It isn't even reality, just some surreality where everything is bad. Had to get that off my chest.
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