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  1. The "least two played" part is actually so brilliant. I think we all first thought "wait, hold up... that might make the strong even stronger..." and then the "least played part" auto balances itself. It's simply brilliant. I don't think it has to be an exact perfect number (2 per month) but definitely a monthly look as prime candidates (the least played frames) is a great and simple tool that doesn't require too much thinking about balance. The replacement part does mean extra work, though I believe that could be actually fun for developers right? (I know designing new augments makes some people happy) Note that the 'least played' can actually stay 'least played' even after the changes. You might want to give it a double pass at understanding that: it doesn't automatically mean that they need to be skipped because they already went through this filter once, but maybe that some Warframes really deserve a double pass on quality of life changes. PS. Don't worry about Nyx completely changing her ability with Assimilate... no one uses her non-augmented 4 anyway.
  2. I don't mind if it's legit passion. However, I just saw a YouTube video from a popular channel restating that a change from 300% HP to 350% HP (which is a 16.6% increase, which will be reduced by lower armor and shield values) can somehow can translate to 9M EHP to 14M EHP and people being angry about that. At that point I cannot sympathize anymore if it's based on failed math. So I wanted to share a different voice, as that's really making me as a player also feel disconnected with the community.
  3. This post is going to be a whole bunch of nothing. Just a thank you and to buck you guys up. I know there's many loud parts of the community and those who are satisfied and grateful don't really have a necessity to constantly talk about it. And you guys have often taken the brunt of the heat head-on like champs, even if some of us don't think you needed to. Sometimes it even seems you can't please everyone and even if you listen, you apparently still have failed. You didn't. There are some of out there who can see exactly what you're doing and we appreciate it. I'm enjoying the vision and the roadmap. Good luck with Tennocon, I'm hyped for it.
  4. Love your work DE! Thanks for everything. That new quest sends a chill down my spine, so well done.
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