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  1. April only just started. It'll take at least a week into the month before stuff kicks off..
  2. The Amp grind is terrible and isolated to mainly fighting Eidolons which are also time gated. We need more options on that.
  3. Yeah that goes hand in hand with what I had issue with. It's like Dynasty Warriors without officers or named Characters on the other team.
  4. Saw the results. Do people really like more fire rate and lower accuracy? That just makes it more random to get hit. It's just spammy and that's why there's no difficulty to be added. Isn't challenge the issue with this game? With so much going on could it ever be anything more than Nuke and DR skills? Am I missing something?
  5. I just have to vent. This topic is grating. I started focusing on PC, migrating from Switch, but it's harder to balance real life and the game. I'm retreading and redoing things. That's what my time is spent on. This game has become even more of a chore than it used to be and it's just harder to place it in my life as, I'm just not a youngster with unlimited time anymore.... So it's either spend money for catch up or just deal with retread while dealing with everything else. It's like the devs are just dangling this carrot (either give us an actual update or say you're not doing it at all) and
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