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  1. Really in this whole discussion, it's Sony that's the biggest "permission" issue. Everyone has been playing well with the big Cross Play / Cross Save games, except Sony. Even with Geshin Impact coming out, saves are on their own Sony island but Cross Play is open with mobile (other consoles maybe after they come out). Minecraft has it's own island of mine "tokens" instead of MineCoins.
  2. Cross Save so I could play anywhere and anytime without FOMO of split progress. More reasons to not blaze right through levels just for loot. Like better tilemaps, different objectives and more story / character.
  3. I have no problems with energy but it really helped me keep Interception going solo for way longer than I did with other frames.
  4. Does no one seriously use it to span objective zones better? I feel like people only want it as a safety net in this thread.
  5. Yes it does. The fact that you don't notice that means your part in the discussion is meaningless. I made the distinctions for a reason.
  6. It'd be useful to have the maps and compendiums / custom markers for these areas to plan out trips to the open worlds ahead of time.
  7. You could get a Switch, play via Nvidia GeForce Now or whenever MS puts it on xCloud.
  8. You could already do this. Open the menu and go to Activities without logging in.
  9. It's partial. It's not quite all items or economy shifting things coming over.
  10. It's very useful for defense, excavation and interception missions. Basically anywhere there's a "sticky" objective that has enemies constantly attacking it. So those that don't use it, just haven't found the use for it. If there is an area that can use extra coverage or you need to wipe out a group and anchor yourself to another objective, use it.
  11. Can we even just have loadout sharing with ourselves (loadouts shared from other platforms cannot be edited) or even just standing / progress sync? Just something that won't make us go back to square one when playing on other platforms.
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