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  1. Another DevStream. Another time wishful thinking of Cross-Progression, Cross-Save.
  2. I've been able to use those combos on console pressing Zoom (ZL on Switch) and Melee attack while the previous attack is still animating.
  3. Thanks for continuing to give rewards. I reached 15 last week. Is there no prestige for this intermission? I can't seem to get to 16 or higher.
  4. Going back to what I was saying, if Twitter, at least Retweet it on the @PlayWarframe main account.
  5. Only Megan posted it? I was checking the main @PlayWarframe account. It should at least be RT'd there.
  6. That's totally Chronicles of Ridiculous. 😞 EDIT: I thought they weren't changing Nightwave until this Season was over? Please be transparent with us, DE. What's going on?
  7. Did the 40 waves with a friend just get removed? I think I lost my NW points too. This is stupid. Don't make me do something just to take it away.
  8. Lots of players in my clan are getting burnt out chasing these NW challenges. It's just not fun being bottlenecked into a playstyle. That's why different people are arguing and dissatistfied over each different week of challenges. We need OR challenges, many more challenges to do, and just excuses to play lots of different playstyles instead of being forced into someone else's style of grind. EDIT: DE if you want players to explore your options, leverage one of the biggest parts of the game, your community. If we are able to explore challenges in our tastes, we'll push other players to join us in doing such activities because we're having fun with it. Not some gated standing behind text that feels like a chore.
  9. This just goes to the fact that we should have "OR" challenges. Players could choose or that to get the same reward. Maybe put credits attached to these too instead of just standing.
  10. We're three weeks in and why are we doing the challenges? What is the story? Why was the wolf imprisoned? Was it for breaking out of the prison? Is he the Wolf of Saturn 5 as well then?
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