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  1. I don't see how the two are connected, but in any case Nintendo is going to take it's time verifying the build, the Acolytes event will be long over when the update will be coming
  2. So when a build finally gets to this "cert", how long does it take to complete "cert" and be submitted to the game store?
  3. I've done countless bounties on cetus. It never happened, not even once that the caches don't spawn, out of countless runs, they spawn in 100% of times, so i think someone is stretching that (or just salty) There are two issues i experience: 1. Enemies don't always spawn (usually 1/7 runs is ruined by this) 2 Crashes. The crashes seem to have been somewhat fixed lately, the first few weeks it was really horrible, i would experience a crash every few hours of play, right now it happens rarely, i do 5 runs and no crashes, i think that is very much reasonable. Haven't really had crashes in the past 8 hours of play.
  4. Can we at least get info on the approximate filesize of the coming update? Need to know if internal storage will be enough or if i need to redownload the game onto an SD card
  5. Noticed this too, and it happens quite often. It's like the game thinks R1 is being pressed all the time, and spams abilities when using controls. Also doesn't let you switch sprint on/off with the left analog clicks (this is how i always check now to know if i am glitched or not before i press anything else), Aiming, firing also doesn't work. Issue usually goes away by long-pressing R1, but at that time you probably spent all the energy on a skill spam you didn't want.
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