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  1. After the last update the textures were ruined in some areas of the Teveuni mission in the Kuva fortress.There is the feeling that all surfaces are covered with transparent nail varnish or that it rained and everything is wet. Can it be fixed and left as it was before?
  2. I noticed that the shading of the door in cetus and its surroundings was retouched, thanks Previous shading --> https://i.imgur.com/mQ0oUQ4.png
  3. it would be good to have a Plague Star event where you have to invest a lot with Heart Nyth, Radian Sentirum, rubedo, circuits, Cetus Wisp, oxium, eidolon shard. Before the update an arcane "virtuos shadow" rm3 required 50K of rubedo, 30 eidolon shard, 30 Radian Sentirum and 10 Seram Beetle Shell, they would only have to draw a new zaw or arcane that needs that same amount of resources in the plague event star and that can be traded
  4. They destroyed the economy of the arcanes, right now their prices are on the ground. all the hours and weeks of farmeo to make arcanes in order to trade them went to the trash and without talking about all the collected material that also goes to the trash. I think it's great that for new players it is easier to acquire all the equipment and items of cetus which was not difficult prior to the update, but on the other hand it is unfair for players who had already unlocked all before the update and invested even more time and effort to be able to trade these items, that is my opinion as to the rework of the acquisition of the arcanes.Regarding the graphic rework they did to the plains, it seems great to me. It was a pleasant surprise, they did a great job. It would also be good to fix some of these graphics in cetus, I do not know if it's just me, but I think it is necessary to improve the shading a bit and add some reflections on some surfaces that almost do not have, such as the plains gate that is close to konzu, the other doors look better in comparison but in general the rework in cetus also look great.
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