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  1. If we get 10,000 scarlet credits if we complete the objective then hoo-boy will I be ecstatic
  2. My point exactly.. and I'm a weapon collector.. I absolutely adore the new weapon, but the cost to receive it.. totally not worth sitting all day doing this.. I think DE could just rework the price back to when it was one 0 less
  3. Ok.. you have a point, BUT the Hema is permanent whereas this event only lasts for a month and there's no confirmation if it'll come back once a year, or more frequently like the ghoul purge.. if the frequency is like the ghoul purge then I don't mind the grind since they'll be there very frequently
  4. Less grind please.. it's already hard enough to get one weapon, but to get MORE.. it's just like asking us to play for 9 hours a day just to get the rewards we want
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