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  1. That's the dreaded offline bug.
  2. Hi guys. I'll try to describe the bug as accurately as posible, as I noticed that DE is already working on it. Friday night (June 12th, 20:00 CDT - GMT) I logged in and warframe started downloading what I asume was an update / hotfix. Once online, I couldn't send invites, join premade parties, or see my Friends online list. Invites sent to me returned the message: "User is offline". What I can do is play any mision on public, and random people can join me. I can also trade using the maroo's bazaar. I did everything I read on other posts: Changed my router's prefferences to allow for 4950-4955 UDP. Also, I did ingame tweaking (changed regions, changed ports, changed NSW Dynamic IP to Static, ran connection diagnostics, reinstalled warframe entirely, deleted saved data, checked for corrupted data, rebooted my NSW), to no avail. I have 3 days trying different ways to fix the game unsuccessfully. Fun fact: Warframe Works normally with my cellphone as a hotspot, but not with my usual ISP. I would asume that DE changed something in the latest update, and that is the reason why the game broke for me. Thanks for reading and, if you know how temporally fix until DE addresses the bigger issue, please let me know.
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