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  1. I personally liked the Tenno's introduction into the game.


      Imagine walking into a room and seeing a pod open up only to reveal a small body.  You were told that in this pod was the secret of your power- could that be it, a child?

     Then it begins to slide from the pod.  And then you feel it.  That feeling of falling while you're asleep.  You wake up.

    Was it all a dream?  In front of you is one of several bodies that you had believed was yours for several centuries.  It stares at you, and shortly after collapses to its knees, the faint glow of energy fading from its form.  If it was a dream then how was it there?

    You crawl to it, feeling defenseless.  You want that power back, you need the frame.  Once in direct contact you gain feeling in the warframe's body again.  From the frame's headset you hear a familiar voice, one from the long dream telling you to run and to harness a power long forgotten to drive away your foes.

    The place you run through seems all too familiar, but you can't stop to remember it all.  You remember someone trying to help you, but failed.  You remember the people who feared you.  Your people.  

    The ship of your dreams arrives and takes you away from that place.  You feel sick.  The voice tells you to get to the back of the orbiter, that there you will be safe.

    The menace of your dreams awaits your arrival, wishing to drive you away from safety and back into the darkness.  You are not enough, but your frame, your armor, and your sword does not give up.  It breaks the menace's power and drives back the darkness before falling dormant.  

    You are awoken by the voice of your dreams as you are placed on your throne...


    That's my interpretation of the end of the second dream(in semi-broken english)

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  2. Take a Tonkor or a Sancti Tigris to one of the many Raid or Strike bosses in Destiny and they will be down in seconds. Even with a whole team, enemies in Destiny are absolute bullet sponges and have insane damage. Every member of the team dies at least five times before a boss is taken down.


    When you glide in Destiny you can't even shoot in mid air, otherwise the glide is cancelled and you plummet to the ground. In Warframe, you can glide, shoot and latch onto walls all before you even need to reload. Any frame can solo a raid, apart from Hydroid. Take a squad of Warframes into a Destiny raid and you're laughing. 


    Guardians are slow and weak.

    You see, you are ignoring damage scale differences.  That is why threads like these get no where.

  3. I've actually been trying to understand Destiny's story lately(including the damn cards), so I'll try and answer this fairly.


    The Tenno are void driven supersoldiers born to hunt the sentients that we don't understand.

    >They have superspeed and super strength.

    >Don't think for themselves, work under orders.

    >Ability to revive a handful of times in a certain period(?)

    >Specialized powers

    >Space combat by archwing

    >Large-ish numbers(?)


    The Guardians are undead super soldiers selected for their ability to wield light

    >Super strength, slightly faster speeds.

    >Rebuilt to act as a mindless killing machine.  Lead by the vanguard, but mostly work independently.

    >Ability to be revived.  Killed when light is drained from them(?)

    >Specialized powers.

    >Space combat by ship

    >Large numbers


    WIth that said: I don't know.  The damage scales do not match up.  Warframe gives you massive numbers at the end game while Destiny barely breaks 1,000 on critical hits.


    The tenno would probably have an edge due to physical capabilities, but I feel that guardians would be more powerful as a team

  4. Soon™


    I'm seeing a lack of that in this thread.

    Anyway, I'd say next week is a good bet, when the kids are home with their parents wallets... and the college bums are looking for something else to blow their remaining savings that survived this semester's textbook buying.

  5. If my car was fully functional and I had a ticket I would've loved to go(at the very least a chance to see pax would have been nice) >.>

    All my plans have been cancelled and I have nothing to do but eat these reeses minis and wait for the stream to go up/ the car repair place to call to tell me about the three hundred and one problems they need to fix in my car other than the three that I sent it in for.

  6. If Gholem drops the Draconian warframe, it will mean everyone will at last get and use an Archwing.

    How do you all feel about that?

    I just hope they do not name it Draco.

    I do not think draconian means what you think it does...  Anyway, archwing needs to see more use, though forcing players to use it for a frame that will need hours of grinding is not the answer.

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