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  1. (NSW)MrBagglzz

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: CERT status thread!

    I have faith. Personally I’ve bugged out plenty of times. I also can complete bounties by myself as well as eidolons. I’ve been dying for the fortuna update Though I’ve played some crappy mmos on steam so im used to games having some bugs. Not saving warframe is crap, I’ve played it off and on since it first came out and the switch version is my farthest account. Im pleased personally with how the game has developed
  2. (NSW)MrBagglzz

    Switch vc not working

    Party system as well as with randos
  3. (NSW)MrBagglzz

    Switch vc not working

    Hello, so i have an issue with the voice chat on the switch verison of warframe. I have a Sades Sa-902. It has a usbc and I know it works with fortnite on the switch as well as it works on discord and im rather confused.. if anyone could help it would be much appricated