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  1. Is there any chance that Riven Capacity be increased SoonTM? Thanks guys~
  2. Awww 😞.... But that's exactly what I am.... I am a Drone... I am Domestik...
  3. WHAT?! I've been running it for three hours with squads or solo with a load of bugs every time and still no BP... RNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Noooooo! Nah. They already said/tweeted that they'll be pushing through with mainlining the Jovian Concord this week. No surprises here.
  5. Do we get to keep unused wolf creds? Like relics of the past?
  6. When will Series 1 conclude? Will this happen when the Jovian Concord will be introduced into the mainline?
  7. Will we be able to see any indication marks for relics that are vaulted? Thank you~
  8. With the inclusion of Archgun Rivens placed onto the table, Will the Riven slots maximum capacity of 90 be further more increased? . . . . . . . Please?.... xD
  9. Will we get more rivens slots already?
  10. But.... In the last few weeks, I've only encountered the Wolf like four times. I thought his spawn rate would increase significantly? Like my face, I don't feel it. xDD
  11. There's this rare case when the whole squad disconnects from Phase 1 in Deck12 transitioning into Phase 2 Orb Vallis. Like in a span of three hours, we only had three runs because we ended up waiting on loading back into the host's squad. Which was hella annoying...
  12. Does anyone have a video of this? xDD
  13. Also, were halfway in so I don't think that'll change.
  14. App manifest turned out blank when i opened it. This one helps. Thanks.
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