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  1. Yes to this, please! Also, can this be added to the facial aesthetics? I keep having to change hairstyles and accessories for different fashion configurations. The ability to have a red hair setup and a blue one on separate tabs would be a nice QoL upgrade, too. Thanks, DE.
  2. You guys meant "provide" and not "proved" here, right? Anyway... With regards to Exalted Weapons, will they ever get "stance" mod bonuses upon hitting maxed ranking like melee stances give melee weapons? Here's me hoping they do... XD Can't wait to try out this new system.
  3. I'm eagerly waiting for your melee notes. 14 pages sounds like a good short story on how Dual Daggers will be great this time around... XD Cheers, DE!
  4. I'm not a religious hunter, but before a riven I had my Vectis Prime modded with the usuals, radiation damage, and the combo of Depleted Reload and Charged Chamber. When I got a Riven for it, I had removed Depleted Reload and Charged Chamber and replaced with the Riven and Vital Sense. With the Daikyu, I haven't really tried it at all. I guess you mod it similarly; damage, crit, and rad damage with Vile Acceleration to reduce the charge up time. But I did get a Riven for it recently that has CC, electricity, and negative puncture. So I might see how that goes.
  5. Thank you for this. Imma check this out and see how this feels (but I'm pretty sure it'll be better than the mouse buttons)... xD This is a good call. Didn't really know how to put it in words... Now all we need are dedicated servers... xD Cheers, DE.
  6. Should I post it here or on Pablo's twitter? I'll prolly just post on both... Will it be possible to have custom keybindings for the Shawzin? I feel like I might break my mouse... and I wanna play this thing like a shamisen... without breaking my mouse... xD
  7. Don't be bothered now, it has been updated this mainline and our issue with it can finally rest. Finally, Wisp noble stance with primaries don't look so stressful. xD Also, the bug issue as per idle sidearm holding, I think that happens when you go to the Secondary Appearance tab then exit. Not sure. Didn't really pay attention to most secondaries I'm equipped with her. Check Darthmuffin's video on her idle stances, most of it are rehashed. So the second issue isn't really an issue, I guess. But, what i do find more oppressing than anything else with Wisp is that she is stubbing around with no feet while using melee. And I adamantly avoid using melee because of that... xD
  8. Is it me or did Gauss' default helmet get an upgrade for the mainline release? He's rockin' something that of V Gundam's v-fin... xD Not that its a bad design, but the effect of the Moonlight Butterfly effect is... xD Updating now. Thanks, DE!
  9. With the Riven capacity increase to ship with the next mainline, will I (in behalf of anyone else in the same situation) be able to get the promised Riven slots that accompany the first riven cache reward? I did get the Rivens, but not the slots since I've purchased all available 90 capacity for Rivens prior to the riven cache reward over a year ago. Nonetheless, thanks for the heads up on this DevStream. Can't wait to get more sentinel Rivens. XD
  10. This one's actually a good idea. Hoping its also tied somehow to MR... Like, if you're MR24, you favorite 24 things in each category (frames, primaries, secondaries, melee, etc)... this sounds reasonable.
  11. Make that a Inner Tube auxiliary so we can keep our syandanas. Also, can we get the Soaktron gun as a weapon skin for the projectile based primaries? XD
  12. Quick question. Why does the Hydroid relay get a captura scene and the Ember relay doesn't? When Ember relay captura scene?... Please, DE?
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