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  1. What did you expect them to give us the update fast?! XD thats rich!! If we have it at the end of April it would be a miracle! Even worse for switch!
  2. At least you on XBox will get it faster than us on switch. They wil surely "find" a probleme and wont be able to put the update before at least end of May.
  3. Well as a Nintendo Switch user, I will see that update at BEST at the end of next month.
  4. So where is it? Nova's shop got updated but no new operator stuff...
  5. So that means only 2 things. Option 1. You hold all other platforms so that we all get the same time on Nightwave. Option 2. Nintendo switch gets screwed and we have less time than all other platforms. Sorry but seeing how you do things now concernant Nintendo switch, I think it will be option 2
  6. Yeah I remember that. But it was link with the Old Blood Fiasco. Nightwave is actually the only thing they managed to put live on all platformes at the same times
  7. 不不 You should delay it for the others. You always made Nightwave live for all at the same time. Don't go breaking the only thing you can put live on all platforms at the same time.
  8. I hope that DE new overlord hear about this new Fiasco. DE, always promising, always lying
  9. Oh but it's not in cert lol. They are "working" on the update for consoles. They wont even tell us when they put the update to cert. Consoles are'nt good enought it seems
  10. Well now we know that orphix venom will NOT be live before the Devstream. So I was right, we will get it in February
  11. Yeah well it wouldnt be bad. I remember the Old Blood Fiasco. Switch got the update 1month after the other consoles. And the other consoles had it 1 month after pc. God it took 2 months to come to switch and DE dared put Rising Tides on PC when it was an uproar on switch.
  12. To be realistic, the "In DEV" is nonsense. It could comme next week or next month. We know your working on it. (What exactly is a mystery since you just have to take the code from PC to consoles. Please no white knights) "In Cert" was better because we knew it was very close to be live.
  13. As long as there are hotfixes and PC players find "broken things" this updates will never come on consoles... Yeah I'm really not wrong in thinking that the update will be on switch in February
  14. Yeah I know but what they are going to give us now is the possibility to change the mechanic for each specific warframe. I like to tap for Chroma's power but I prefer to hold for Ivara. Now I have to change all the time but with the new option, I wont need to.
  15. Well we are all different. As long as the event is fun, I'll be happy. And the quality of life changes this update will bring are good. Especially the one for the hold and tap powers.
  16. Just like (NSW)NabotLysergeek sais, I would have to not look at any videos or streams? Where is the point. Lets just take the exemple of tomorrow's DE stream. I always watch then to talk about it later with my clan ou alliance. They are going to show the event. So what? Not look, not get the rewards and just overall nothing? Come on just looking at a video on a Necramech build, they talk and put mods that are only in the event. You might not care and talk to me about restain but I like to talk about the new stuf with my friends and all. So yeah... but no sorry.
  17. It's just sad that we consoles players, especially on Switch will never really feel the "first time" discovery of anything. Lets be real, most console players already know exactly how to farm the new operation because of Youtubers or even DE own streams. And it's not even out. We know what warframe to take, what mods to put on the Necramech, even what bloody weapons works best. So yeah it's nice to not get updates as broken as PC but unlike PC, we never experience anything really new. Consoles will most likely have the update at the end of January and switch will get it ma
  18. Lavos ugliest frame? Damn you must be blind dude. Are you also going to say that Wisp has a flat ass and Saryn has no chest? 不不不
  19. Finally! I'm so fed up of the crystal ennemis ! PS: I know it's glass but doest it really matter? They are still annoying XD
  20. Wow finally.... Maybe we will actually have the update BEFORE the end of January. But damn I did'nt know that January 2021 was part of year 2020... Anyway, my mechs are ready to wreck some orphixs
  21. Yeah right! I always have to bring the fight in the asteroids of in the middle of nowhere
  22. No they told that Lavos would be out for the end of the year for all. Not only PC. But then again we consoles are stupid to belive them for anything.
  23. Of course its next year. Us consoles players are to filfy for them to give us anything on time. Now the question is will it be start of january ou end? If even during the first month Oh I temember when they said we would all get Lavos before the end of the year. And OH my I belived them
  24. Hello, I'm reporting a bug in Railjack. I farm a lot of Gian Point in the Veil Proxima and I realised that when there are ruins floating around, I cannot approche them. The collision with them happens very far and it's impossible to get near them. I mean I can't like get closer than a minimum of 3000m-4000m...
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