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  1. il y a 35 minutes, (PSN)kragwald a dit :

    hey, unless you want another fiasco like cyberpunk 2077, I suggest you calm down and wait, lest the dev backers get too rush happy. Then we will get a buggy, unplayable mess

    Your kidding right? We ALWAYS get a buggy unplayable mess after every update.

    Each update breaks stuff from the previous one and corrects something from the one before.

    They offer a service, it's there job to keep it up. They are PAID for it. They dont do it because they like it or not, they do it because its there job and it pays the bills.

    We waited patiently 1 month for any infos, got none so I think I have the right to start ranting now.


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  2. il y a 6 minutes, [DE]Danielle a dit :

    Call of the Tempestarii: Interim Update 30.1.0 launches today @ ~ 2 PM ET! You will be visited by red text in game to start to countdown. Keep in mind each platform has its own release procedures and may not launch all at the same time. 

    See you then! 

    You just shocked me! I just lost 20 euros on a bet thanks to you! 🤣🤣

    You wont cease to amaze me at DE. 

    • TYPE: In-Game (Nintendo switch)
    • DESCRIPTION: Constant lag everywhere.
    • VISUAL: none since it is lag
    • EXPECTED RESULT: loading anything, accesing all and any menu fast, foundry, arsenal, entering missions, dojo, railjack(especially railjack!), trading, relic menu, command input etc...
    • OBSERVED RESULT: I have at least a 10-30second lag since the update launched on every damn thing.

    No my internet did not change since pre update. And it worked fine before( well fine is a big word but better than now)

  3. Il y a 17 heures, (XBOX)Vamma Takayn a dit :

    No. I didn't. I am just calling them out everytime they say "two weeks then it will be on PC then 2weeks later it will be on console." They say this often on mainline and the PC part comes but they let console fall by the way side. Just holding them to thier promises like people should. If they do a live stream and say two weeks then they should make it two weeks or give an explanation on why they are late. It's not too much to ask for.

    Oh but dont worry, I am 100% on your side for that.

  4. Il y a 3 heures, (XBOX)Vamma Takayn a dit :

    ok its been 18days since the developement and way over 2weeks since PC got corpus railjack where is it? we were told in the dev stream announcing this we would get it in 4 weeks from that date. and yet we wait.

    What did you expect them to give us the update fast?!

    XD thats rich!!


    If we have it at the end of April it would be a miracle! Even worse for switch!

  5. 7 hours ago, (XBOX)Timidobserver said:

    Honestly, this is getting old. Whatever you guys are doing is obsolete. In 2021 when most devs are discussing and or working toward crossplay, DE can't push updates at the same time. In 2021 it is normal and expected for devs to push updates to different platforms at the same time. 

    At least you on XBox will get it faster than us on switch. They wil surely "find" a probleme and wont be able to put the update before at least end of May.

  6. Le 18/02/2021 à 16:59, [DE]Helen a dit :

    Nightwave Arcane Helmet Clarification:

    Nora Night’s latest Cred Offerings include the Arcane Scorpion Helmet Blueprint, a long retired item since Hotfix 13.2.3. This item was actually meant to be a brand new Operator cosmetic, Operator Wolf Hood, but the backend data got a little switched around. The Arcane Scorpion Helmet Blueprint will run it’s store life span, at which time the new Operator Wolf Hood will take its intended place in future rotations.

    So where is it? Nova's shop got updated but no new operator stuff...

  7. Il y a 7 heures, [DE]Helen a dit :

    The team’s on track to finish our build improvements soon! After, we’ll be submitting the Nightwave: Intermission III build to Nintendo’s cert team.

    I’d also like to clarify that our Nightwave: Intermission III extension on Nintendo Switch will not delay Nightwave: Series 4! Our extension will fill the time between the end of Intermission III and the start of the next series.

    So that means only 2 things. 

    Option 1. You hold all other platforms so that we all get the same time on Nightwave. 


    Option 2. Nintendo switch gets screwed and we have less time than all other platforms. 

    Sorry but seeing how you do things now concernant Nintendo switch, I think it will be option 2

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