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  1. All glaives are pretty strong since their rework. A lot of people forget about the Pathocyst, which is pretty strong as well.
  2. I've seen some vids, and apparently this makes a few weapons incredibly powerful.
  3. I want DE to take my money and give me a selection of Star Child Ordis, Cephalon Cy, Little Duck and maybe even Teshin.
  4. As a brand new player, your first objective is to advance the star chart as far as you can by completing missions. Always remember to fuse your mods. Try to do Nightwave challenges that you have access to. It's a great way to learn about the game, and a few rewards there make a huge difference to your Frame: Aura Mods, Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst. Do low-level Bounties in Cetus and Fortuna. Some of the Mods there are very easy to get, but are very powerful throughout the game. Do NOT spend too much time in Cetus and Fortuna, however. After you get a few Mods, continue the st
  5. I'm sure that they'll be back. Hopefully it's a cinematic quest and not just another event.
  6. You have to hit its back. Hitting the torso from the front only works if your weapon has Punch Through or Radial AoE.
  7. Yeah, it's been broken for almost half a year now. It's my favorite secondary armament for picking off small swarms of fighters, but it flat-out doesn't work anymore. I'm really surprised that DE hasn't made note of this yet, since it's an entire weapon that is completely busted. I already reported it myself but this really needs more visibility.
  8. I just have my pet tank it and I shoot its back. Super easy. Nothing to it. If my pet dies, I use Master's Summon. I don't understand what the fuss is about.
  9. DE almost added auto-sprinting then backed off on it. I wonder why they decided to do that. They should've at least added the option. Having to toggle sprint is so annoying.
  10. We all know what the deal is at this point. Gas has broken damage calculation and mostly has a bonus against the weakest enemy type. Magnetic is useless as Toxin completely ignores shields. Blast has no purpose as most Machinery enemies have Alloy Armor and Fossilized Infested are weaker against Corrosive. Granted, Gas has a niche use in Infested Disruption and maybe Profit Taker, and Magnetic is useful for hunting high-level Corpus Treasurers, but that's it. Sadly, Blast doesn't even have a small niche. My big question is this: what new roles should Gas, Blast and Magnetic have for the u
  11. Who else is super hyped about placeable NPCs? As a solo player, this should make my dojo far more lively!
  12. Note: Nintendo Switch version. 1. Profit Taker Turns Opaque Purple. This happens every single time I fight Profit Taker. After a few minutes of shooting it with my Mausolon using my Voidrig Necramech, it gradually turns purple until it starts to obscure the green elemental weakness icon. This purple color never goes down. 2. Plains of Eidolon Bounty Drone Stops Moving With Necramech. When you enter your Necramech, the drone always stops moving. Leaving your mech after a minute allows the drone to resume movement. 3. Galvarc Is Broken for Railjack. I know nobody uses this seconda
  13. Oh, I really hate it when some newbie spams Battle Avionics and then proceeds to process all the resources for Engineering. :/
  14. It might be a Lich node. If that is the case, it will never revert back until you go on this long journey to kill your Lich.
  15. This sounds really cool and elegant. However, since those resources can be really far away, maybe some sort of super-zoom might be needed?
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