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  1. Sorry, I just reacted to your tone in the quoted response ^^
  2. Please don't start a fight 🙂
  3. Thanks, I forgot to embed it properly'
  4. That's why I tried to bring it up here! But yeah I hope they will revert it for the final melee 3.0 so the Tatsu and the stance will be decent again.
  5. I respect and understand your opinion, but me (and the others that used it before) probably feel that it’s too slow. The standing still combo used to be the button mash combo and the pause combo used to be the forward combo and standing still combo put together. I recommend watching the video MCGamerCZ made on it when it was released.
  6. Indeed. That's what I hope to change by trying to bring attention to this subject.
  7. Dear Digital Extremes, can you PLEASE revert the Wise Razor stance for Two-handed Nikanas? Before the melee rework phase (Old Blood update), the stance felt amazing. Nowadays tho, it feels incredibly slow and hard to use. Before the melee rework this stance was incredible and fun to use but now, it's just annoying. It has killed the serious use of Two-handed Nikanas completely. The only one that's being used right now is the Pennant, and that's only for heavy attack builds. If you could revert it to how it was before the melee changes back in November, that would be lovely. Just make it so that the old pause combo is when moving forward and the current forward combo is the standing still combo. The block combo should also be brought back in my opinion. The worst part is that the stance was made with melee 3.0 in mind, and you still managed to completely kill this once beautiful stance. I think both Triburos and MCGamerCZ would agree with my point, but don't just take my word for it. This stance went from being beautiful to being complete and utter garbage. This is the old video showing it of made by MCGamerCZ:
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