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  1. Yeah :)) delete my account would be the last thing i think of , even i don't want to play the game anymore...
  2. I have done plenty of Giant Point recently and i got 0 zetki shield array , it's strange because i used to get a lot of those before the revisited update . did they lower the drop rate ?
  3. It happens to me in the lua disruption frequently , i lost a lot of axi relics because of that UI bugs and they not even try to fix it
  4. Why they neft my plague kripath, now i cant even throw red crit anymore
  5. Wukong is better than inaros :v they still do something aren't they
  6. They should hidden the randomize button in the asenal . sometime i clicked it by accident and it's annoying as hell
  7. Ground assault actually have better rewards but not as fast and easy as the space one . also it requires you a organize group to actually done fast and efficiency , i can done all 17 condrix with only 20min , usually the same time as the ground assault. If not , it could take about 30min
  8. Yeah , it happens a lot . you are not the only one
  9. With 1 hour you can stay in 1 relay and keep doing one of the ground of space mission to get the bonuses. Be honest, you shouldn't spend that 1 hour in this boring event
  10. Yes , we all felt that too :v everything are stupidly expensive
  11. Hope not another delay of the scarlet spear event :v
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