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  1. Now this is what im talking about. I'm sorry for coming off like that, really, I just wanted stuff like this and advice. Its why I come to this section of the forums. And that build does look pretty dope, especially with all that survivabilty.
  2. Bro, your not getting it, I have played with her, and I am still not sure how I should mod her. The whole point of this is to get other peoples opinions or builds, because usually someone else's build does work for me. Thats how it was with a couple other frames. Now I could have gone somewhere else and looked it up, but then what would the point of having players helping players? I dont have a personal playstyle for her, because she generally has one, and thats a nuke. I come here to be proven that there are other builds that may work better for me, because I am not a fan of the nuke at all. Im not tryna sound like a $&*^ brudda, im really not, but this is essentially just to ask for builds for advice from others, because who knows, what someone else might be better than anything I can think of.
  3. Im aware I can build her as I please, but I am personally thinking more of an all rounder kind of Garuda. And its more or less me not understanding how I should mod her. This is others opinions I want.
  4. How do I build her, or what do I build her for? I know people keep saying that quick thinking is vital, but I just gotta know what everyone else does. This is modding, building the actual frame was not a problem.
  5. Cause you already lost. You thought you were the only one thinking about content, when you are definitely not the first. Its been said, and all we keep getting are updates about stuff happening in the FUTURE. All we can do is wait, and in the meantime...try to work on your social skills and not try to instigate arguments, it derails from the topic.
  6. I feel your pain, I hate when people use guns or frqmes that obstruct your view or even blind you. Every time I see someone with a simulor, I gotta leave for fear of having a seizure. I know any smart person would tone down the settings for things like that, but I prefer to just leave and try again with someone who isn't trying to blind everyone. Thats just me though.
  7. At this point it just feels like bait. I didn't do anything from what I can see, but whatever, Im over it now.
  8. Well my idea of sustainable content would be drastically different from someone else's. So there'd be no point in in trying to express it just to be laughed off. Again, we need more sustainable content, 2 new frames arent it. And really dude, come on, I haven't done anything to warrant your smartass responses.
  9. I can agree, but thats not really a big problem, at least for me. It doesn't matter if you can revive someone, because when they go down, they leave immediately anyway. Why play arbitrations if your just gonna leave after dying once, even if you can be rezzed? Anyway I agree with this, arbis really aren't hard, and rezzing is just giving bad players a pass at higher lvl content.
  10. Why the #*!% would anyone be excited for Loot boxes and microtransactions? Please tell me your just trolling.
  11. That was your biggest mistake in thinking you speak for everyone.
  12. I won't bother with transmuting, again Rng is bad to me. But that will be a stance I can shell out plat for. Can't possibly be that much.
  13. Bruh, he said have fun watching the dream die before attacking people who liked to trick out their frames. Don't try to white knight for this entitled troll.
  14. Dare I ask where that drops from before I buy it? If you know.
  15. 20 for both status and crit, but again, the riven is problematic for me. I can however make a hybrid weapon like this work with blood rush and Condition overload.
  16. Okay...I see hybrid weapon, I think I can make something work with that. I say not to mention rivens because Rng has never been good to me in the riven department, and I do not have the plat to shell out for one. You already know how high prices can go, but I will keep it in mind in case something does change,
  17. I guess he thinks hes too good to farm his stuff like the rest of us, he'd rather just sit here and complain about losing his precious creds over a simple Nightwave challenge. The part that gets me is he doesn't want to waste his already useless mods to do it. The very mods that drop like candy, likely the very same mods every single one of us hoard until we eventually dump them all for endo. Thats too hard for him I guess.
  18. 9 mods that drop like candy...and you think theres alot of endo to lose by doing that? Thats absolutely ridiculous!
  19. Okay...I was laughed at before for trying to make the dragon Nikana a good weapon, and now that I have one finally...how do I make this thing a murder machine? And don't bring up rivens, rivens can fix most weapons, but I don't use them for a good reason.
  20. Okay now I understand, it was a mistake on my end. Thanks to all those who corrected me.
  21. Maybe I am, its been a minute since I played ash. I could have sworn it went up higher.
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