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  1. To add to that - the Prisma Veritux is the ONLY archmelee that has been working completely fine with the lock-on, even before this patch. I didn't check the regular Veritux but I was testing around last month and almost nothing worked.. with the Prisma working at 100%.
  2. Rofl. I really am curious what happened. What Mira posted: makes it sound like they forgot to change the version number, not the launcher itself (which makes the code confused because I assume only the "version number" parameter is passed into it. The code doesn't know you updated it until you tell it it did. ...Or maybe they forgot to upload the correct launcher version. Much lulz from me because debugging is horror.
  3. I have a feeling someone missed a semicolon. Ffs programming.
  4. Oh, my bad, I was talking about the 27.4 patch. I only installed it this morning and it was being wonky. The launcher had to auto restart hte connection every now and then.
  5. I'll bet you anything that this is because of quarantine hammering the net. I say that because when I was updating the big patch this morning... It kept losing connection to the server every 5-10 minutes. I mean, I didn't have to restart the download. Things would download and then bug and when reconnected it would continue. Also, when the connection was stable and downloading, it was coming at me at the full bandwidth I'm allocated. Unless DE has a new method of pushing out patches?
  6. I agree. At the same time, though, our best Primaries are very powerful - as opposed to the top end of 2ndaries being "weaker" than the primaries before kitguns, imo. I don't think it's power creep as much as the old stuff need to be improved. Besides, consider that if this was done with power-creep in Primaries... All primary kitguns would be stronger than the Bramma. That ain't gonna happen. Or at least that ain't gonna last. If they actually do that, there will be backlash from us. That being said, JUST IN CASE this S#&$ happens, we need to immediately start whinin - I mean providing constructive criticism. :p
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