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  1. how much plat are you talking about?
  2. Tried a few lich-mission with group. they all didn't vanquish their lich, just made it despawn; no kuva for me from their liches but they got from my lich; GREAT sense of "teamwork". so na, fk that, imma do it solo again till there is a viable option for why I should go through a trouble of going with a group again.
  3. well I guess that gives me a tiny reason to start playin in group again and not solo for that lich-grindfest
  4. Where are the patches? These bugs are getting old 😕
  5. Nezha's Fire WAlker doesn't increase the sprint speed
  6. They reverted the good stuff immediately, but the bad s*** thed will just sit out ...
  7. Ehm I just did a Requiem Fissure, and guess what? I couldn't even fkin choose the reward I wanted, the game effin chose one for me. -.-
  8. Can't you guys leave at least SOMETHING in the game that's makin the horrid lich grind a bit less pof a horrid lich grind? 😡
  9. THere are S#&$tons of bugs in the game related to Lich-system. And the ONLY, ONE AND ONLY, good thing that u "messed" up that one you fix in less than 1 hour????? How about you prioritize the effin S#&$ty bugs first?
  10. And still no further hotfixes for all those glaring bugs?!? 😕
  11. You have to hold your "change weapon" key, not the quick melee one
  12. yes but if you check your buff bar, it goes up to 11x and not 12x. so it's 6.6
  13. just remove the keybind they added to "roll left / right" for your archwing. after that you can exit your archwing as used to bey melee
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