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  1. its not even a rework tho, just a change, her 4 still lacks imo
  2. This guy looks sad, someone bring him an WARFRAME UPDATE 👌😖✌️💯
  3. DE u better fix Khora whip LoS and random throws in glaive stances 😖
  4. not gonna lie, normal ivara was my last farm too, 1 year and half to get her.
  5. Close this mess DE. 🤮
  6. Hydroid must be the next to get a rework, the frame theme is incredible and original and his new deluxe is one of the best. But ingame the kit is ultimate garbage and lame, he need a total rework with new skills, not just buffed stats like zehpyr one.
  7. I still think zephyr 4 shud be just one biga** stationary tornado with 15m base range, it will be way more effective as a CC point for the team and defence points. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Momaw @[DE]Bear
  8. 1 aug still 2 secs gated? thats pretty bad rn, we just keep jumping and diving 24/7 to keep the stack up. Thanks. @[DE]Momaw
  9. funy cuse i did that task in less than 5 mins
  10. imagine being a loki main lmao, all u do is literaly going inv and cheesing dmg %. I upvote the rework, just dont touch his 2.
  11. are u from DE staff/team? 🤮🤮 DE, pls add a key bind for glaive throw in controls > options, same ur guys did for heavy attack. Thanks.
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