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  1. Got a couple of inputs to the new skills and passives. First the passives: I truly appreciate them and i think they are quite unique on their own right, however, being that only 3 of the 5 listed are active (which i assume randomly selected) it should be wise to balance them accordingly. In a way, that having either of them is an alright substitute and not detrimental. Long story short, between getting invisible/invulnerable and getting a boost to the efficiency of my orbs, i'd choose the first one. Skills: With the change in wukong status as an extremely durable warframe, i honestly don't mind the changes as much, however i have some suggestions to improve the experience and give some quality of life changes that would help playing with him better. Celestial Twin: (working out of assumptions since there is nothing about this) Make the animation slightly faster If it interrupts movement, please make it so that it doesn't, warframe is a fast game and i think wukong players would benefit a lot from this change! Targeting an enemy places an "icon", similar to ash, that indicates they have been selected. Augment should work on target enemies too, perhaps suspending said enemy till told otherwise by the player or some duration ending. Cloud walker: It opens enemies for finishers/ small ragdoll instead of paralyzing/dazing. (they fall down to the ground) Speed at which you travel is multiplicative of your own and increases with power strength Defy: Why defy changes are polarizing, i really like this change the most, but i think it could have some improvements to make it easier to the users and appease old defy fans play-style without compromising the vision of the DEVs! Taunting enemies stores damage/ kinetic power, just like you guys described it to be. HOWEVER, releasing that kinetic power should be a player choice. It is great that we can release it early but it would better if we could release whenever we want. Holding the skill: Would use the taunt for as long as the button is pressed and once released would trigger the spin counter-attack with the damage stored. PRESSING the skill: Would instead just store the kinetic power as extra armor and range buff to melee/guns alike. With UI wheel similar to nidus or other warframes, to display the damage absorbed. The buff could erode with damage or time, depending on your efficiency. *This appeases players who like running tanks and liked how wukong had the biggest stick on the block. Primal fury: it would be appreciated if it worked with the range buffs above and if the animations didn't impede movement too.
  2. different strokes for different folks there is definitely a ton of players who like the power fantasy in warframe
  3. honestly vauban wouldn't have such a hard time, if nullifiers and alike enemies didn't exist.
  4. You'd not use wisp for the same reasons you'd use a vauban. But if i must answer, the right answer is definitely saryn.
  5. i like the new designs, but there is no depth in gameplay from just negating everything, it just reduces variety.
  6. it's high noon. try using a warframe that can counter her, instead of running with salad skin wisp. I suggest rhino, you can get him early on venus.
  7. It ain't like that. Thing is, the clan actuality does a lot to ease up reaching the event requirements. From constant invitations to outright guides in how to best approach if you aren't experienced enough. You'd have to try really hard to ignore the clan to not notice this at all and even if all of above fails, there are people around that are more than alright with carrying you to the finish line. It isn't like nobody knew what would happen if you didn't reach the finish line, it is rather that those who didn't, didn't care. And that's alright.
  8. I'd be happy to help, but you will need to explain first what was your vision on this.
  9. jokes apart, it would be interesting to have some sort of effect to that makes use of black energy colors albeit i assume current colors are attached to the shader or something of sorts, it would be a welcomed edition otherwise
  10. beats farming nidus for a year and getting it the next year
  11. i was genuinely lucky in being able to farm the whole wolf sledge set, but still no luck on that mask ... 😔
  12. it was genuinely a huge rush to finally get a couple of vengeance runs against the wolf this time. Did the 2 versions solo and honestly it was pretty alright, despite being a bit bothered by the fact that it feels that i am fighting a clone army, most of the time.
  13. Hey dude, welcome back. That is a lot of verbalium but i am glad to see a familiar face again. Edit; just realized i sort of revived the thread, sorry folks. If any mod could undo, my error, i'd appreciate. Didn't really meant to.
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