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  1. It's been 7 days and they are sticking by their story of all rewards were handed out. They didn't even try to fix the problem they were just spamming those form replies when they knew there was a problem. Yeah, done supporting these guys.
  2. False advertising complaint it is then.
  3. Yeah, and it's been 7 days. There is no "cooling off period" if that's what DE was hoping for by lying about the 7 day wait while support was telling everyone all rewards were handed out.
  4. There was a slow chat 30 minute queue. I made comments every time the queue let me. It wasn't because of chatting.
  5. Contact the FTC and make a complaint? DE has stated they gave their final word.
  6. Anyone else dumb enough to buy a tenno pass like me?
  7. Don't bother. "We understand your frustration regarding this issue. Unfortunately as it's already been stated, support agents are not able to retro-actively add Twitch rewards after the drops promotion has ended. I'm sorry but there isn't anything additional we can do at our end other than provide you with those trouble shooting steps. As it's already been mentioned, we are actively working at minimizing issues for this extremely complex promotion; but this will take quite a bit of time. We hope that future promotions will go more smoothly for you. Thanks for your support and for your patience, we appreciate it." tl;dr? WOMP WOMP
  8. Same boat, same form letter from DE support. I got the ephemera, accounts were linked just fine and I was watching it all day.
  9. You're really following up the defense with "whom" when support staff have been saying it? Official word had been given. I'll be happy to quote the entire support canned response if you need "proofs" (presuming that doesn't somehow violate the TOS.) This is where the problem lay. It isn't just people freaking out because of the "lel got mine" chat trolls, it's because official word is being handed down that we're getting shafted. How many teams are involved in this, how many hands are in the pot, how many are talking out their ass because they aren't in the loop and it's just script/policy to tell your customers it's their fault regardless of the evidence they provide showing otherwise? Perhaps someone who actually does know what's going on if in fact support doesn't, can clue them in.
  10. And what about support telling those of us that have received one but not the other the drops have all been given.
  11. Yep, I just got told officially through support all the drops went though.
  12. Funny, support told me all the drops went out and tough crap along with a "how to link" even though I can prove my link with the lotus ephemera I received.
  13. Quite a few haven't and some are being told they have no record of them being in the streams. They are going to have a huge mess on their hands. Again.
  14. Pretty much this. All the people getting shafted makes me think my name was taken out of the hat too.
  15. I'm still waiting as well. I got my Ephemera, sat through all the streams and no Nekros P drop. I KNOW my account is linked because I got the first. I paid for the tenno relay and they had no problem taking my money immediately. Yet we are reading on the forums DE is saying tough crap, it's twitch's problem. Here's the problem with that. We were performing a service watching that stream because it was advertising for DE. They made revenue in exchange for your service (watching.) Big trouble if they don't give up their side of things.
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