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  1. Here are all my Warframe Inktober Drawings! Adding to it as I finish them, though I'm falling a bit behind. Instagram: Chatknight Day 1: Ring (Trinity Strega) Day 2: Mindless (Nyx) Day 3: Bait (Khora) Day 4: Freeze (Frost) Day 5: Build (Hildryn) Day 6: Husky (Rhino) Day 7: Enchanted (Titania) Day 8: Frail (Banshee) Day 9: Swing (Octavia)
  2. damn, chill people. if they add it to the game, and it doesn't concern you, then just dont use it.
  3. Here is mine for Inaros! Took the captura to make it look like he's taking a selfie.
  4. Here is my digital submission! Drawn on Procreate, edited in Photoshop. Hope you like it! I also hope I didn't miss anyone LOL. (you can follow me on Instagram @chatknight if you would like to see more)
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