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  1. Ugh... Knew I forgot something, yeah I meant it being compatible with all Octavia abilities that would emit a full length version of the melody. Up to the edit button. Thanks for pointing it out tho.
  2. (After looking for a while it seems this is the most appropriate forum for this) "Music is an enigma, (...) it causes an alteration in the brainwaves of biological entities and produces a series of beautiful yet mysterious reactions (...)" - Cephalon Suda Much needed introduction out of the way, the Shawzin while just a misc addition for all we know is a really good addition to the music lovers playing the game, but sitting down I realized that it can at times use some little help. A little spice to it. So I sat down at the Dojo during a Shawzin duel and thought there is a musical frame which abilities would come very handy into the scheme. Octavia can already produce Synth wave, pop, electro and techno melodies, even classical music if you know what you do, why not mix that with our new guitars? This is something I've been thinking about for a while now and I've seen nobody has brought in the theme, being able to play Octavia melodies as a background to the Shawzin. TL:DR : Octavia + Shawzin a possible made in heaven roundabout to Warframe music, most likely guaranteed to blow your mind and I'm running out of JoJo references. Edit: (Never write before taking your tea mates) with melody meant every form of emitting the melody, meaning the abilities.
  3. Well I'm broke this tennobaun... Eh, may be able to make some gifts. Or i'll just go full on timmy thomas and only be on the beg side.
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