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  1. *Scene fades to black...* *This song plays in background* *Music video ensues with Vor and his Grineer quartet singing* We need to keep dat T-Rated policy, remember? XD
  2. Well, the last segments, namely Entry 3 and the conclusion are finished. Reread the story, so that it doesn't feel to cliffhangy to begin with. I hope you enjoy reading the full story, and good warframing to you guys. I'll be posting you guys later. :)
  3. I won't guarantee that I definitely I KNOW the mystery of the stalker, and that these stories weren't made from past experience (haven't leveled far enough to see the horrifying thing), but I appreciate it. :) Adding to the mystique is all. Anyway, I'll try to keep up with it. Just allow me to regain my creative juices. :)
  4. I'm enjoying the videos so far! :D Consider you've got another subscriber. :3
  5. And last but not least, this is the end. Reread the whole story, so you can enjoy it with it's full glory. :) ============================================================================================== Excalibur was impaled by the hilt of the scythe. He closed his eyes. The purest white, like the white of snow, as if a spectral being had descended and has purified the land. It consumed his thoughts. Envisioning his team, and Trinity. What will continue after I was gone? Screams of his name was heard, crying, weeping, silence. Nothing more couldn’t have been done. He opens hi
  6. Next chapter. The conclusion is done as well. Posting that one afterwards. Anyway, being the man of small words, enjoy reading. ============================================================================================== “The mission was a success, and no one was injured in the process…” The lotus with a slight smirk on her face. “Well done, Excalibur.” “Thank you. Though this thing… this “Stalker” has been following us.” “Ah. Yes, the Stalker. It has been making quite the disturbance, has it not?” “It hasn’t struck since… that last mission, lotus.” “Well, I’ve prepa
  7. Well, here's another story. Tried to think, but I'm running out of ideas. Though I have ideas for the end, which will come soon, processing will take time. I hope you enjoy my next chapter. ============================================================================================== The group remained in their Dojo. It was a quiet time out in the middle of the void of space. The Dojo was fairly plain. Plants are lined, present in the foyer of the entrance. The center emblazoned with the symbol of the Tenno. Various of the rooms contained the crew quarters, as well as the essential roo
  8. Well, I've written quite the story. I initially wanted to make a machinima, but I din't have the set aomunt time and resources for that. But I did set aside the time to counjure up a decent story. Enjoy reading my story! ================================================================================================ Across the void of space, a stealth fighter is seen zooming towards a rock. The rock wasn’t ordinary by any means, it was a mining vessel composed by the Grineer. It was wrapped around by construction and various docking tubes on the outside. It was said that Captain Vor, a no
  9. Well I've been gone for a great while. I've recently came back to see whats new.. I'm overwhelmed. Can anyone give me an abridged version of the updates?
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