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  1. --The Marketplace-- "Ah yes... that will be all." He said with calmness. The Merchant took the ammunition from Kor, and slowly treaded to his lockbox behind his stall. He placed the currency and walked over to the stall once more. "No problem." He said with some gratefulness. He then placed the currency under the stall. Time for more sales from passers by. --At the bar-- With the sudden influx of people being added to the conversation, Galahad was thinking. He turned to Seth. "We'll get to you later... Right now, I have a couple things to handl
  2. The Barman produced a mixture of Siren's Wail whiskey and Miasma Midnight. It was stirred up, making a very crystal blue hue to it. The barman passed that along to the Tenno. "I need a few pistol bullets for this." The Barman said simply. (5 pistol rounds.) "The Bar is currently off-limits. Please move along." The bouncers stated. The two then placed a sign, labeled with the following words - "Off-limits, please keep away." It would be some minor deterrent, but if it didn't suffice, the people on the inside could enforce the law. Brutally. Galahad had shaken his head
  3. --At the bar-- Galahad had been sitting at the table, awaiting for the small group of guests to join him around the table. His elbows were on the table, with his hands clasped together, thinking, waiting patiently. As everyone sat down and approached his table, he began to respond to previous and current questions. Adalynn herself did feel a bit suspicious about some of the cautionary rules, along with the fact that Galahad still carried his weapons inside. However, she kept her mouth from saying anything about the rules, as the Loki Prime might be of high society. "Alrighty, fine
  4. (The group currently has 1484 Pistol rounds and 661 Rifle rounds remain. Total rounds - 2145 rounds left.) (Conversion Chart) One Rifle Magazine = Ten Rifle rounds One Pistol Magazine = Twenty Pistol rounds One quiver (Bow) = Twelve arrows Energy Cells = Two Rifle Magazines, or three Pistol magazines Explosives = Three of anything. A rather decrepit, elderly man had slowly crawled over to them. He was somewhat wrinkly and smelled of fine British biscuits. He slowly moved his way through his armor stall, looking through his selection of combat shells and corpus hardsuits. Looking
  5. --Approaching the bar-- Adalynn, Lusith, Rin, Seth, and Yves would enter the bar, beside Galahad. Any questions wouldn't really be answered as two bouncers guarded the front door. They were two Rhino, ready to break up anything inside or outside. "Galahad." One said simply and greeted through the door. The other halted the group. "You must first relinquish your weapons before proceeding inside, mister and missus." He said with a factual tone. "Put it inside the trunk here." The bouncer pointed to a small trunk. Many implements were inside, some being bizarre like zip guns or improvise
  6. The man simply stared at Yves. He gave a small grunt at him, rather angrily. "Your friend here is a risk." Again, in a rather plain voice. He had a radio on his chest, which emitted some faint static; someone was talking to him. From what it sounds like the question would be :"what's the hold up?" "There are many people at this gate. One of them is wounded. What should we do?" He said with a slightly complying tone. "Ah. I see. But she's..." He sighed, then looked back to Yves. "She has to go. We can't risk bringing any infected individuals." He said with no emotion. Ad
  7. Adalynn didn't really like being carried along. Being effectively crippled by the leg injury, she felt a little depressed &#! a result; the fact that the group was being guided some crippled individual made her ego drop. It wasn't really that good to show that out in the public, but Seth and Yves was very much concerned for her safety. That she can be very appreciative of. She gave a small grunt of displeasure. "Yes we are." Adalynn replied to Lusith. If you have anything of importance, better get them now." --Hours later-- It would be around mid-to-later afternoon
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